What Music Are You Listening To?


If it isn't the David Gilmour-era Pink Floyd's best song, it sure as hell is up there.

"Can't keep my mind from the circling sky,

Tongue-tied and twisted just an earthbound misfit I"
This one again. 2Cellos - "The Trooper Overture". Combining the William Tell Overture with an Iron Maiden song shouldn't be this good.

Billy Swan....I like Billy Swan.
I jibbed in as per usual. There were a dozen performers in all, including a few I hadn't seen before. A nice plus-sized scarlet-haired singer, who really has got some booty to sing about. Pretty much a full house, but I soon found a few empty seats.

Kick back and relax for an hour... and marvel at Dave Hill singlehandedly laying down a wall of sound when required...
slade is teh awesoms, k thx by. lolcat

(I was forced to post that. In my own bloody thread as well.)
Pink Floyd - "The Wall". Full album available here:

Makes a change from having "Delicate Sound of Thunder" on loop...

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