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What music are you listening to today?

I’ve been listening to Queen’s ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ album, in particular: Brighton Rock - it never really occurred to me that Queen “did” Speed Metal.



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My son has convinced me of the errors of my ways and I am now listening to “We are not your kind” by Slipknot, along with Trivium’s new album, which is all rather good.
Been surfing 'Tube' and came across 'Reaction videos'.

Premise is various people of all hues and ages, who usually only listen to their own preferred genre, film themselves , listening to the classic songs from back in the day.

So you'd get a hip hop freak listening to Rock, a college nerd listening to Led Zep. A Rapper listening to Steely Dan and so on..

Some reactions are class and believable - some seem as false as feck - some seem to be more about the poster than the song, and some of the posters keep stopping the tracks part way through to comment ( think that this may be due to copyright laws?)

I'd like to think that most Vids are gen, but like most good things, the idea has now exploded and there a mass of dull twats who think that they are now qualified to comment black Kid , must have been 17? was tripping over Aerosmith/DMC 'Walk this way' like he had never heard it?

Here's one of the first reaction vids i saw .


Gout Man

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Obscured by Clouds. Now when I listen to this it just takes me back, and for one I think it’s right up there with Dark Side of the Moon, in fact I think it’s a better all round album.
I’ve been listening to U2’s Zooropa album this afternoon. It was the first album I bought when I went to university back in 1994.

Not U2’s finest album, but still decent - the last album the band produced before they went a bit too ‘weird’.

Check out Roachford's new album.

He's come on a bit since Cuddly Toy.....thankfully.
He is a fantastic singer and musician and tours with Mike and the Mechanics. Saw him with the band in Salisbury last year - a brilliant, entertaining frontman.


This week I've mostly been listening to full-cast albums from Broadway and Hollywood musicals, chief among them "Little Shop of Horrors" and "Chicago".

- "Skid Row". Otherwise known as "Fuck Capitalism - The Song". I prefer the movie version but this is serviceable.

- "Razzle Dazzle" - Richard Gere pulling off the con-trick that he's actually a good singer. And he is, the bastard. Not great, but far better than Pierce Brosnan was in "Mama Mia". And given what Gere's character pulls in the movie, it isn't the only con that works his magic with.

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