What MQ am I actually entitled to?

As a WO1 with a wife and two rugrats(1m,1f), I think I'm entitled to to a D type Married Quarter. However, I can't find where this is laid down due to laziness and incompetence. Can anyone help?

Please, no comments about flats in the Shot or the pads in Fally; I've experience of the latter and vivid memories of the former!


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IIRC you are entitled to a C Type (3 bedroom) quarter the same as any OR with 2 kids. If you are RSM you may be entitled to something a little larger to go with yourposition.

Edited 'cos I'm a spelling mong!

I'm in a similiar boat except just one rugrat. I have been told I am entitled to a 2 bed only. I suppose I have been lucky in that I had a type D in my last but one post and that there were only 3 beds available at my last post, because of this DHE have agreed that they will try and get me into a 3 bed (but only on receipt of a begging letter from my boss). It is interesting to note that the Navy and RAF treat their WOs slightly differently, they have a policy of offering them type Ds irrespective of appointment.

It makes my situation more annoying by the fact that there is a massive surplus of type D quarters in my area but a shortage of 2 beds/3 bed ORs quarters. Yet this matters not to DHE. As it's my last posting I'm taking it on the chin and it is one of the reasons I have decided not to take up an offer of continuance, most of my furniture will probably have to go into storage.
Cheers gents, DHE no doubt will find me a broken down MQ in the midst of Folkestone's "Little Kosovo" area. Have to teach my toddlers to hard target soon...

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