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What movie is this?

Mr Happy

Cary Grant (IIRC), old movie but colour, plays some kind rich drunk play boy who is arrested and rattles out a line something like

"You've got to release me, there are at least a dozen bar tenders and their wives that depend on my tips for their livelihoods"

I think it is also the movie where he's been kidnapped and force fed drinks from a hiddne mini bar which his mother later see's is full of books and says something like "in my day booze was served from a bottle".

I THOUGHT it was N by NW but a script search didn't return any of the words I was looking for (livelihood/bottle/barman).

Can anyone set me right?


"Frankly, my dear..."

Is this a suggestion it was really Clark Gable? Or maybe Clark Neptune Gable; "Frankly scallop I don't give a dab!" :D
Hap, I'd have lost my 50p as well, I'd go for NxNW? :?


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