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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by dingerr, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. I've got about a year to run on the motorbility Ford Galaxy and am on the look out for a different motor.

    The Galaxy was fine with all the extras required, but now I'm using a lightweight chair I'm more independent and can get the chair in and out of the car myself.

    It's awkward with the Galaxy as its higher up and I have to pass the frame across me onto the passenger side.

    So im on the lookout for a new motor.

    NO ******* POPE MOBILES!!!!

    It's got to be Auto, electric seats, and electric everything else. Good seats are essential.

    3door/coupes are good because the extra door width makes life easier.

    Minimum size is Audi A3/Ford Focus.

    I've also looked at the BMW hardtop convertible, but have never driven any hardtop convertible. What are they like?

    Other considerations have been:
    VW EOS
    Ford B-Max (no electric seats yet and crap auto options)
    Mercs - Various

    I'll be using hand controls so a light throttle would be great as well.

    You're suggestions and experience owning please.
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  2. You'll not go wrong with a Mercedes I'm on my second, last one I kept until it was ten years old.
    Quiet, refined, fast and good economy.
  3. What about running costs? If I go for something Niger end I wont be able to do it through motorbility.

    The baby Mercs like the CLK200 could be a good compromise, but the E coupes also look good if I can live with the costs.
  4. The Audi A3 is low and a bugger to get out of even when you've got all your limbs!
  5. I've the E220CDI blue efficiency it's very fast and does 50MPG on a run it is supposed to do 67MPG on official figures but the best I've managed is 55MPG. Loads of spec, loads of room, big boot and its quiet. Lovely smooth 7 speed automatic with a sport mode.
  6. How about a Caddy? Tons of space... ;P

  7. The E class transmission selector is on a stalk at the side of the steering wheel which maybe useful.
  8. Probably get shot down in flames, but the Renault Scenic should be a perfect height to get in and out of, comfy as an old sofa.

    Our last car was one and the wife kicked off when I suggested something a little easier on diesel, but personally we have had a lot of good times with Renaults, prefer them to Fords.
  9. Any people carrier will mean I will have to go up to get in vehicle from my wheelchair, it's a pain.
  10. I would have gone for a Focus RS, but they only do 5 door now.
  11. Dinger i've sent you a pm you blind legless ******.
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I would 'like' that but my right hand has gone.

    You want a car where the car seat is the same height as your chair with room to chuck the chair in the back without too much stress, yes?

    Measure the height of your chair seat then go round the dealers and say "I want a drivers seat at this height and I do not want my eyes taken out or I shall bite your ******* knees. I have rabies you know".

    It is a starting point in your quest.
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  13. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Seats Renault or Volvo.
    Although Mercs once you get used to the teutonic seating is good. (Late merc convert, due to interior build quality. Dog and old git proof. Sound system is brilliant. Merc customer care is hideously impressive and speaking as one who regularly pulls bits off vehicles entering or leaving. So far so good)
    Chair slinging, slidy doors Ford B Max?
  14. My eyes work, just everything else is fucked.

    I'm going to have a look at the B-max, I'm wondering if the seats can be arranged so I just slide the chair straight in. I'll ask them to get leccy seats and to sort out the auto/engine options.
  15. Have a nose at a Peugeot 508 estate big electric anything and one we had in the other day was 205 BHP on a little diesel engine, great reliability easy on the wallet for spares and very comfy. A boot space big enough for any shit you want to take.

    And the thing I liked about it most the only give away was the 19" alloys and the honda-esque exhausts