What motivates you to get your trainers on and keep going?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by flowers, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Somewhat a cheesy but serious thread!
    What is it that makes you haul your arrse out of bed on dark rainy mornings to go for a run? What stops you from slobbing out in front of the tv in the evenings instead of hitting the gym?

    We've had this chat in the office this morning, and some of the answers are suprising. Ranging from the common ones of 'I want to lose weight/get fit', to 'I need to otherwise I would combust from stress' and 'I think it's because I am addicted to the exercise high afterwards'

    So, what I would like to know if what inspires you to get out and do something? And what tricks do you employ to keep going once your out?

    For me, it's the thought of beating Praetorian in Hellrunner and making him grovel at my superior feet :-D
    And when I am out on the run and feel like I am going to vomit and that I want my Mum, a Winston Churchill quote pops into my head "never, never, never give up".

    Come on share with the group - what does it for you?
  2. Jeremy Kyle.

    Oh and the fact I have got a shite posting.

    What is running?
  3. I hate running, to be honest. Rugby training gets me out for a few hours each week.

    Which is all then undone in the bar after the match on the Saturday :)
  4. What does it for me? Thats easy the fact that if i dont do it im gonna be stuck in supid pathetic office jobs dealing with the monotonous drudgery of working mon to friday, 9 -5 for the rest of my working life, which if that stays the same wont be long as ill blow my own brains out, instead of joining the army which is what i want to do with my life...
  5. Guinness and pork scratchings don't help mate.

    You hermer.
  6. I find running a good stress relief, doing a few miles especially cross country, maybe with the mp3 player on is a good excuse to let your mind wander / go blank for a while without being disturbed 8)
  7. I know this will sound daft but...

    The Social Services!

  8. Going to see your Mum every night!!!
  9. Does she not give you a biscuit after though? She does me....but I'm good ;)
  10. My mam is dead, and I can't drive to see her every night. I hate driving in the dark, Bigbird will tell you that.

    "Oh no there is a car coming and I can't see the road".
  11. Sound. So if you don't get in, you'll do the afforementioned? :p
  12. I swore blind that I didn't have the time for phys. Then I sat down and thought about what I was spending my time doing. Feck all in reality.

    Perversely, making sure I've got time for phys means that I am more effective at time planning generally and so spend less time procrastinating and whining that I'm stressed out and frazzled.

    However, the main motivator is that I'm significantly older than my peers in my Squadron. It's strangely satisfying to crush the sprogs smugness when they can't keep up with 'Grandad'.

    Less satisfying when I'm p1ssing blood and puking so hard that I'm bringing up stuff I ate ten years ago though (obviously away from prying eyes).
  13. I know, I dug her up last night and dipped her in skin!!

    She don't arf stink!!
  14. I run because i enjoy it and find it gratifying nothing better than getting up early and going for a run with my dog, sets me up for the rest of the day.
    i just love it and cant wait to go for another run the next day.
  15. My motivation would have to be the fact that most of my runs are group runs, so having peers etc. that are all hoping to do the same as me supporting eachother is great.

    Also, the fact that I run at a pace that makes me comfortable spurs me on, I see no need to stop as I can cope.

    And finally, the knowledge that when I finish the run, I will be that little bit fitter and that one step forward in my build up to trying to join up.