What Mormons Actually Believe

Discussion in 'US' started by alib, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. With Mitt at about even odds of ousting Barry in November I just thought it'd be interesting to take a look at his belief system. Romney appears to be a pious somewhat other worldly man but can't really talk about his odd but very American faith for fear of alienating evangelicals. This should have no impact on his ability to act as POTUS but I think he's lacking a dimension because of the silence. In campaigning he's handicapped in a way JFK wasn't by being a not very good Papist.

    Here's an old bit of what I guess is evangelical propaganda emphasizing how weird Mormon beliefs are.
    The biggest Mormon group, the Later Day Saints, has played down these differences, expediently disowning their earlier ideas on blacks for example, but its hard to get round that unlike Muslims Mormons are not even properly Monotheists. It's fair to say their religious practice is centered on Jesus and they have much in common with Protestants. Some evangelical sect have wondered off into even more exotic territory with aberrations like prosperity theology.

    Wikipedia has this Mormonism and Christianity
  2. God Botherers - what do you expect?
  3. Got these lot next door to me...nuff said.
  4. Sixty

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    Back in the dim and dark days of early internet (AOL, Yahoo Chat etc), I used to chat online to an American woman who was a Mormon and gleaned this insight.

    Things they're really, really not keen on:

    Drinking alcohol
    Sex outside wedlock
    Narcotic use

    Obviously I banged out of that conversation rapidly.
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  5. **** knows but they look an odd bunch

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  6. I think coffee is regarded as a bit racy as well.
  7. Fúck it, I'm in.
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  9. You may have had a lucky escape

    Mormon sex in chains case - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    (or not?)
  10. On the other hand.
    Folk in Utah seems to be rather fond of the sin of Onan.
  11. Outstanding cover.
  12. If you meet one you should ask about the special underwear (garments), the ones with the sacred symbols which they wear next to their skin. Women even have to wear their bra over the top ROFL!
  13. [​IMG]
    "Yes we can't!"
  14. I was on a flight that broke down in Ogden, Utah,many years ago and had to stay the night. The night life was good, the women were plentiful and well up for it.