What more do you people want????

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MSI64, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. Have just had an e mail informing me that a member of my Sqn has decided to throw in the towel.

    His reason is that the TA isnt giving him anything!!!!

    We have just finished booking 5 Adv Trg courses for this guy so he can go away and do six months in Cyprus covering the Adv Trg package for troops on R+R
    He is unemployed FFS

    RANT OVER!!!
  2. Sod him

    Mind you, unemployed and in the TA ? How does that work exactly ?
  3. Not very well :cry:
  4. No loss to the Army.

    Good riddance to the waster. Bill him for any diffies.
  5. So your unit as booked 5 adv trg courses for him and he has jacked before going on them?
    Sounds liek an ungrateful git who thinks the world owes him ...

    I'll go :)
  6. They need to declare their earning to the dole office. Failure to do so is very very naughty.
  7. Tour mabey. Cyprus, fcuk me how could you turn that down. unemployed in the TA can work, otherwise join the fcuking regs
  8. Not if its at weekends / drill nights.
  9. go on the dole aswell?
  10. It does rather take the pish that there are those who are carried through training, book all these courses and then jack it all in when there are some of us that are desperate to get on these courses.

    Even the bone FTRS posts are gone or requiring courses that people could have attended if people actually picked up the phone and cancelled instead of just not bothering to show.

    Managed to miss out on DIT, Driving course and Potential PTI weekend thanks to these feckers. :twisted:

    Rant reduced to simmering
  11. It still has to be declared. Don't know what the situation is now, but yonks ago it used to be the case that you weren't docked for Sundays, but anything else came off your dole.
  12. After CIC aye I'll be putting in for a tour or at least FTRS. Untill then I have to wait untill Jan to go Vikings. Nearly applied for that guard post jobbie in NI at 40Sigs :x
  13. Yep. JSA., more accurately.
  14. You are out of date, PIMH. Weekends / drill nights do not coincide with normal working week...

  15. job seekers allowance, even sounds good. when in fact its socially embarrassing