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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Rikki_Tikki_Tavi, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. In my continued procrastination in getting a.243 I am now on to considering moderators (rather than avoiding choosing a rifle make).

    Ideally my rifle (when chosen) will be on the shorter side - its being bought for woodland stalking. I'm thinking a 20 inch barrel, what I don't wish to do is then whack the world’s longest heaviest mod on to ruin the effect.

    I've an ASE Jet Z on my big rifle but am wondering if a Reflex design might not be better for a shorter rifle. T8 seems the standard (though gets a bit rusty?), wildcats have mixed reviews and ASE Northstars seem quite heavy. I'm not intending a bi-pod so shooting off sticks is likely most use.

    Does anyone have any experience of these three mods, or indeed another variety if I'm missing a credible option?
  2. I have 2 wildcat predator 8's. They're very effective and can be stripped down for a thorough cleaning.
  3. Cheers Marty, Ive noticed a few forums have a complaint that a plastic part at one end seems to wear...youve had no issues over time?
  4. What exactly do you acheive by fitting a moderator to a weapon with trans-sonic ammunition?

    I have a small bore one, good for potting rabbits etc. but only with subsonic ammo.
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  5. Reduces recoil, reduces noise impact on others - useful in area where the public have access (most of the UK), useful for avoiding my CP3 hearing getting worse, useful for not scaring all the animals off an area where more than one may be shooting....Ive shot with and without....wouldnt leave home without one.
  6. My understanding of the OP was that he wanted a mod for his .243. That lady does not go transonic for quite a bit downrange, depending on the ammo you use of course.
    I have a wildcat Predator 8 on the 6.5 and am more than happy with it. Being modular, you can buy replacement parts if they become damaged or wear and its a doddle to strip and clean.
  7. I haven't had that problem with either of mine but as .338lapua_magnum said they're easily replaced.
  8. What you're saying is that the round continues to accelerate once it has left the barrel, which is a load of bollocks!
  9. Two points:
    A round does not 'leave' the barrel unless it is ejected, a bullet leaves the barrel. Second, there are two transonic phases to a bullets flight path; first the internal (barrel) phase where it accelerates to and often beyond supersonic. It then enters the second transonic phase as it decelerates through the sound barrier, with all the usual caveats of temp, pressure, altitude. If it was the internal transonic phase you were alluding to and I presume it was, a mod is still most useful in most hunting and in fact many range conditions irrespective of the muzzle velocity. I can fire my .338LM with a mod and no ears but I certainly would not attempt that without a mod.

    Edit to add: I would hazard a guess that the .243 goes through the transonic phase at between 600 and 900m depending on bullet weight.
  10. That makes more sense! My .22lr with a normal transonic round sounds just as loud as without, but the sonic boom realy puts the ankers on, sub sonic rounds deliver almost the same energy at 50m.

    Noise is rarely a problem here and thankfully the woodland I shoot in is very remote from sources of joggers and dogwalkers. I have a moderator to control vermin in a local graveyard and the grounds of a hospital, 50-60 woodies per year and the odd bunny (both classed as game here), but I don't like it much, the effect on the rifle's balance puts me off using it. With subsonic ammo it is impressive though, very very quiet indeed.
  11. I would say not to bother; they unbalance your rifle and add irritating length, whilst doing little to moderate overall noise produced; I've got 2 of them taking up cupboard space, never use the things. A waste of two or three hundred quid IMO.

    And the 1/2" threading on most of them means taking a stupid amount of metal off the end of your barrel.