What might happen next? (hearing)

I've had a good old look through the threads on here, and I don't think any of the "I might be getting discharged/what is this PAP10 nonsense" quite applies to me at the moment.

Had a hearing audio (sat in the cupboard with headphones) test yesterday; left ear appears to be fine but the right appears to have a certain deficiency, I think the nurse chick mentioned something along the lines of H3? I do have a return appointment booked to go back and get retested, and the nurse said it should be nothing to worry about because there was building work going on outside of the building (very close to testing room).

My last test (on return from tour in march 2011) was perfectly fine. This is more of an exploratory post just incase I fail this retest, do any of you have any advice or guidance on what MAY happen next should this hearing loss actually happen to be there?

If there was any external noise during your test, then it would be likely that it affected the result. Other things to consider are listening to loud music, IPods etc for 16 hrs prior to the test. It could also be that you had an infection in the affected ear. Did they examine your ear prior to the test?

Usually nothing to worry about. They should re-test you within a month. If the result remains the same, then you will probably need to see ENT and INM for more definitive testing. Good luck and remember not to expose yourself to any loud noise 16 hrs before the next test.
They checked my ear after the slightly abnormal result came up, everything seemed physically fine. I'm guessing it was down to the external noise (hence I'm not worrying too much), I think the loudest thing around at the minute is when theres a Really Shouty Man (RSM) kicking around the place. I wonder how soon they would do definitive testing, might be on a trip abroad soon, mmmmm landlocked country.

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