What medal is this?????

Discussion in 'Medals' started by daywalker, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    The one next to the Iraq medal ??????

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  2. Jubilee?
  3. Jubilee but doesn't look like the 'Golden'. Why is it 'before' the Iraq and GSM?
  4. Wrongly mounted by a mong tailor.
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  5. Looks like the EU Althea medal to me.
  6. Is the medal order wrong
    Surely the GSM NI should be mounted befor the Iraq medal etc!!
  7. RVO is awarded directly by HM The Queen - maybe this is why it is mounted first.

    RVO is a gift from the queen for loyal personal service to the Royal Household. an ADC, Aide or Batman might be awarded an RVO....
  8. not if he was awarded the Iraq medal first, order of issue, the GSM was issued for NI up to the 31st July 2007

    Also I concur that first medal is the RVM, looks like he held a household job or similar
  9. Ever the font of Knowledge Welly..;)
  10. Been told on a few occassions now, that this Date of Issue phrase actually means the date the Boss issued the Medal, ie GSM NI was early 70's, its not the date the individual qualified for it, which is why NI medal should, 99% of the time, be the first, irrespective when you went to NI.

    Sticky one this, may need the Medal Office to clarify what Date of Issue means.
  11. This is the Royal Victorian Medal. It is being worn by a member of the Irish Guards, they where awarded it for carrying the coffin of the Queen Mother. The reason for Iraq medal first and GSM (NI) being worn in that order is that they took part in Telic 1 in 2003 and then did a S Armagh tour at the end of the year.
  12. I concur with Grumpy git and the medals office. It is when the medal was fisrt created and not when you did the tour; Seek out the walt tailor and stone him/her!!