What Marcel Marceau meant to me.......

I wonder if the pallbearers will be carrying an imaginary coffin?
They'll have a job burying him in the imaginary hole that the grave diggers have mimed.
How do they know he's actually dead? It could just be part of his act.
When he shuffled of this mortal coil he was moonwalking.
Funnily enough, he was the only actor to have a speaking part in the Mel Brookes comedy film "Silent Movie".

A touch of genius irony, I think.
*left shuffle; right shuffle; right hand full wave; left hand rub eye; smile; smile; close right fist; quick step to left; fall down; exit stage left*
It would appear that London_English is doing an impression of him in his last post.....
Tried having a chat with him once. Rude swine didn't say a word. AND the cheeky f*cker had a mobile on him.
Apparently he died trapped in a sound-proof glass box...he called for help but people just applauded and shouted encore....

I'll get my beret and striped tee-shirt...

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