'What Manner of Men' WWII Arnhem Film - Need your help!

Hello Gents,

My name is Josh, and I'm an ex-Para who is trying to raise money to make a film about Arnhem for the 70th Anniversary next year. Since leaving the army, I have run around Afghan with a camera for 3 years, and enjoy making short films. My team and I want to shoot an Arnhem film in Sept '13 - but need to raise some money to do it!

Here's the link: 'What Manner of Men' - A WWII Arnhem Short Film by Josh Fortune — Kickstarter

I'd love it if you could have a look and, if you like it, pledge something (even a quid!) and share with others you know that would like it.

For any non-Paras, this won't be a complete Para porn fest. For those that know their Arnhem, their were other regiments - heck, even Glider pilots fought on the ground.

Thanks very much, and hope you enjoy the film!

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