What makes you mad enough to kill...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Blackrat, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Ok. Now i'm curious after a conversation i had the other night in the pub. What grips your s*it ot angers you so much that you would kill, with extreme prejudice. There are lots of things with me but the main one is kiddie fiddlers. I hate these lowlife scum with all of my being. What are the opinions of all the arrsers out there?
  2. Morris Dancers – hanky waving scum
  3. dull threads every time. :)
  4. NEDS/CHAVS.......Drug dealers!

    all scum......
  5. That'll be Tripwire and Armchair Jihad every time then. :x
  6. 8) Edit because of mong moment!
  7. Kate MCcan
  8. Scrotes
    Anybody who supports or excuses such dross
  9. Or if you are Kate McCann - Maddie McCann. 8O
  10. Claiming my money and doing nothing
  11. Wine gums im not allowed them any more.
  12. all the pc rule making imbeciles!
  13. The McCannes
    people who cant understand/accept bisexuality
    bigtime racists
    gypsie cnuts
    the list could go on 4 ever
  14. 1/2 bottle of black absinthe.
  15. However it does tend to feck your co-ordination.