What makes the perfect BBQ?



Had a little nosey round and can't find anything so apologies if it's been done.

What makes your ideal bbq?? What techniques do you use for cooking and what could you absolutely not live without barbeque wise? Do you use any interesting or exotic meat or fish on it?

I've just been informed at as my old man is getting on a bit and can't manage and my siblings are useless that from now on I'm in charge of our summer get togethers.

As long back as I can remember we've just done a standard plain burger, sausage and chicken cook but tbh I'm getting bored of the lack of variety and now i have the chance I'd like to introduce some new meat and especially fish to the mix along with some sauces to flavour the meat and perhaps some vegetables. Up until now we've never had any vegetables with bbq's as my dad says they are for hippies.

I am thinking of ideas along these lines...a chicken with a can of beer rammed up it's anus...BBC - Food - Recipes : BBQ ‘beer-can’ chicken

something different, y'know? :nod:
Freshly caught Sea Bream, Bass,and mackerel,ect Lobster boiled in a bucket, loads of fresh fruit ,Cheese ,Salad ,and crates of white wine, all washed down with life threatening amounts of rough Cider,and Single Malt, my Idea of a perfect summer evening


Not calling it a BBQ, for a start. And no eggs - definitely no eggs. *shudders*
what else do you call it then? and whats wrong with eggs?
normal barbie here consists of nice steaks,rissoles and snags. never tried chook on a barbie. try some nice seafood as well.


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So tell us how you get the fire lit and important points to remember with regard to optimal cooking conditions when dealing with naked flames?

Two words....halloumi cheese!
We had fish and cheese parcels with that the other night, trouble is it holds the heat and burns your fingers, tastes great though
A decent size fire for a start, preparation, i.e. marinade the things you cook in something nice the day before, loads of recipes out there. Avoid the obvious and use your imagination. Beer helps too.
Have some very exotic recipes that make for interesting BBQ's. PM me.
Under no circumstances should a woman EVER be allowed to stand by the fire.
I can't believe that no one has mentioned copious amounts of beer are needed. Some of which can be poured onto the BBQ over the meant and onto the coals to give the meat a touch of flavour.
Fresh whole fish cleaned, wrapped in tinfoil and steamed in it's own juices.

Langoustines placed whole on the rack until ready.

Shellfish scattered in amongst and eaten from their shells.

Pork belly strips in either a sweet or spicy marinade.

Gigot chops.

Loads of fresh crusty bread with butter.


**** it, I'm bloody starving now!
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