What makes the hair stand up

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by down_under, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. When I joined my first Battalion they had the Pipes and Drums. They were technicly supposed to Fife and Drums, but what are you gonna do, anyway, other Battalions in my Regiment also had Pipes and Drums but some had Army Band type arrangements sans Household Division Bands. Albeit not in the same class but thats what they had. After 16 years in a unit with Ps and Ds I went to a Bn with the Army type band and just couldn't get into it in the Parade ground, leave that one alone. I'm afraid I just love the sound of the pipes and they really make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. So, what is the preferance for fellow ARRSers when it comes to musical accompaniment on the parade ground? Pipes and Drums or the Glen Miller experience.

    Edited to add: ya shouldn't post lashed up, but lager and Ps and Ds cd had me thinking... somewhat :D
  2. Marching on any parade with a military band (pipes or band) where the public are watching has had the hair on the back of my neck standing up.
    My Btn lined the route for the Queen on her trip to St Pauls on her silver jubilee and we formed up in Arundal street in London to march out to the route. As we came around the corner the public gave us such a welcime that it made all the hair on my neck stand up. I have had the same experience during all parades and whilst watching the Rememberence parade. I guess it is to do with being proud.
  3. I absolutely concur. My first unit, 8th/9th Bn The Royal Australian Regiment, which doesn't exist anymore, was the only unit in the Australian Army that was allowed to "talk" in the ranks and by this I mean that our Battalion March was the Black Bear and as the left foot struck the ground at the required time the whole Battalion would shout Oy! This was awesome when it echoed off the buildings whilst street marching on ANZAC Day in Brisbane. Scared the piss out of the civvies lining the streets for the first few as you could imagine. 8)

    Edited to spell Australian correctly... knob
  4. Down Under, right there mate. I love Black Bear and also Children of the Regiment, Light Bisque and most marshal music. Guess it was because I was a drummer for a period whilst in the forces. The music seems to inspire me to do greater things. That's history for you.
  5. My favourite right now is Highland Cathederal. Love it. One of my mates who was in the The Queens Own Highlanders has told me that when he gets planted this is the tune he wants played.
  6. As a TA unit we were first to return from GRANBY and the electric atmosphere on the 'plane as the wheels touched the ground on March 10th 1991 in Scotland still makes me go all "tingly". Don't mind admitting having wept like a child that day (and on many occasions since).
  7. Flowers of the forest is a great tune to be buried with (not too soon though). Have you heard the march "Sussex by the Sea". I recomend it.
  8. Have felt the same mate many a time. Also love how whenever our Battalion went somewhere we were always piped onto the aircraft. Civvies in the airport loved it. Which now reminds me of years and years ago when we used to Bn attacks, on exercise, with the lone piper. Chilling. :D
  9. Actually, that reminds me - we had a band playing when we got back. As a hospital unit they were playing the theme from MASH (Suicide is Painless - insert ironic non-joke here).
  10. Just listened to it then by the Band of the Coldstream Guards mate. Is it done by Pipes and Drums at all? I have cd's by RSDG and the SG's but can't find it on those cd's yet... :?
  11. I attended both my son's passing out parades some years back and the music along with being proud seeing my son's resplendant in thier uniforms had one hell of an emotional effect on me, it brought back cherished memories of my time in the forces. My youngest son is still a serving soldier and I STILL get emotional when seeing him on parade, and yes the hair still stands up on my neck. I do enjoy the sensation though.
  12. I do not think it was written for the pipes.
  13. I've yet to feel that pride as my son is 16 and yet to decide on path for the future. Long may your son serve and be protected by whatever higher power there is mucker. :thumright:

    Edited to add: just listened to Flowers of the Forest, and yes it is another awesome track
  14. He has done many operational tours, his last one being Afghanistan. He is due to visit the sand pit next year and I hope for all our service people's sake we are out of that god forsaken place as soon as possible. It is such a waste of the best of our country. God bless and protect them all. Thanks you for your kind thoughts.
  15. No worries mate. I agree, a senseless waste of lives for no foreseeable gain. What were our Governments thinking... I'll probably get sought out for that remark but feck em all... and like I always say, "Army; a body of men formed to rectify the mistakes of diplomats". And once again may all those involved remain safe for their tour... :(