What makes people do this?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steven, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. So thats what Jabba the Hut's been doing since Star Wars
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  2. Bloody hell, its Pizza the Hutt.
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  3. article-2221854-15A2E0F0000005DC-766_634x837.jpg

    Fucking lush.
  4. Crikey!

    I am sure he thought that being a Dr would give him many sexual encounters with young nubile girls. At some point he realised that he needed to move into the field of anaesthetics to enhance his wonderful charms and to encounter willing females.
  5. Savile might have "rubbed off" on him as it were.
  6. He's still in the fuckin medical tent! Get him out! Get him out!
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  7. Didn't realise they made suits that big.
  8. It's The Lord Prescott range ;)
  9. More chins than a Chinese telephone directory.
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  10. That explains it, he looks like a bald Ewok
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  11. More spare tyres than the Michellin Man.

    I wonder what his postcode is?

    If he lies down will he be 2 foot taller than normal?

    If he wears a black raincoat do people shout 'TAXI'?
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  12. Fucking hell he looks like a melted candle!