What makes me spit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, May 8, 2009.

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  1. I don't often get annoyed by religion-based PC. My reverse apartheid deals with such things.
    However, the ruling that orders created by Our Boss are illegal on the grounds that they show a Cross is just one step too far. Interference in what we do is no business of religious fanatics; if they do not like what they are seeing - stop looking or lump it.
    This 'decision' needs to be rescinded.
  2. But it won't be rescinded and there is jack shite any of us can do about it.
    Has all this political correctness enriched our country in any way at all?
    I would say no and whats worse it has left your average white Briton feeling 2nd class in many ways.
    If you aren't black, gay, muslim and do have a UK birth certificate you don't count for much in this country anymore.
    This award has been perfectly acceptable for forty years, how about a nice simple aproach to it, if you don't like it then don't wear one (should you be ucky enough to be awarded it)

    We no longer strive to treat all people equal
  3. What he said
  4. When I was living with some Muslims, they invited me to join in their evening meals/feast during Ramadan as I was part of the household and a friend so they wanted to share their celebration with me. I was flattered and whole heartedly accepted.

    Perhaps what I should have done was say "F*ck off! How dare you force your religion on me. You should suspend your celebration so that you don't offend me"......

    I love the way that some people think that in order to have an "equal" society and respect all diversity, you have to eradicate all semblance of culture, tradition and religion. Ironically, they totally miss the point!
  5. This is bad what if they start on our honours and awards, the GC, VC etc, its not flippin fair!
  6. Anyone actually bother reading the article?

    This is specific to Trinidad & Tobago... where much of the population is not Christian. Strikes me that if you're going to have something specifically for T&T then it may as well "fit" the country and its people as best as possible.

    Perhaps the Order of the Coconut or something.
  7. This award is specific to Trinidad and Tobago and has come up through their Court system having been brought by their own people. The T&T High Court have referred it to the Privy Council.
    No-one in this country has been affected by this ruling and no-one resident here is ever likely to receive it either. So no need for the outrage slow boat.
  8. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Working down the article I came to a totally dim-witted and ignorant remark about the GC which as I understand it was named for King George, not Saint George. Similarly the GM replaced the Albert Medal.
  9. I can read Markintime thankyou :D
    The island of Tinidad takes its name form Trinity, can't be much offence in the Trinity bit then can there? Or is it the Cross bit thats offensive?
    The relevance to this country is that this award come from the Queen, it is called the Trinity Cross. Whats offensive about it?
    Just who is being asked to rename or remove the award? I'm afraid as it is the Queen who created and issues it then it is relevant to us.

    I freely admit a little bit of a rant in my 1st post but it all does boil down to political correctness for its own sake. If Trinidad and Tobago no longer want the award then fine, its their choice. But it is what it is and renaming it is PC bollox.
  10. So what about the VC MC GC. Are they going to offend the PC crowd. Are we going to have protests against them?
    F uck those people and those who support them. I don't know if it is a labour govt or what.
  11. According to the piece in the Times, Muslims and Hindu's complained...really?

    Who are these people and why have I never ever met these loons? I have met many white handwringing lefties though....

    Please stand up those who are so offended by living in a foreign country
  12. Are you in Trinidad and Tobago Vonshot?
  13. Not entirely sure that one can be in Trinidad AND Tobago at the same time. There again, I'm only an 'Oxygen Thief' and not a smarmy part-time, left inclined moderator!
  14. Yes you can, it's one state:

  15. Crack on lefties, your day has passed.. you PC empire is crumbling.. soon you will reap what you have sown!