What makes "good quality webbing" ?

I see alot of people slagging of certain manufacturers and suppliers for making poor quality webbin and kit. What i would like to know is exactly what makes these poor quality or other manufacturers good quality? I'm sayign they are or they are not i'm simply asking what defines good webbing, alot of "overall quality" is often referred to but what does this meen? I also see people say "you wouldnt understand until you've seen/got you hands on ** webbing" what exactly is there to see or understand?
Not trying to say these indiviudals are wrong or right just trying to have a valid, interesting discussion about what makes said webbing good or bad.
Hope to here from you all soon.
Its got to be robust and up to the job you want it for, also confortable not fogeting the most imporant thing to most people is combat fashon like, clarks wearing lowars.
Stuff that does the job it's designed to do and can be trusted not to fall apart at the first sign of being put under duress.

Oh and looking ally helps.
She has to look good in it,so make sure it fits correctly. She will then feel good and that always helps. Finally the bits you want to remove need to come off easily, or else it can definitely ruin some of the moments!

Sorry,is this not the sort of webbing you were on about? ;)
Smooth Italian silk, nice seams down the back and some quality lace work round the tops!

I'll get me coat...............


"just trying to have a valid, interesting discussion about what makes said webbing good or bad."

KleenUpGuy, you wernt really expecting a serious discussion were you?
unfortunately yes xD i liked the first few posts... until the threads decent into madness XO
I think the first 2 posts answerd the question also you will know when you have a good set
What makes good webbing follows the same rules as what makes Product X good.
1. Material it is made from. Good quality material or cheap shite
2. How it is constructed. Will it fall to bits? Is it single stitched or triple re-enforced? Uber re-enforced in the correct places?
3. Is it designed to be used or is it just for show?
4. Is it fit for purpose?
5. Over all cost.

There are loads more to list but I can't be arrsed.

Common sense really.
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