What makes for a good C.R.

Discussion in 'REME' started by oldagecrafty, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi all and a big thanks in advance for any answers to this post. :D

    My question is probably one that everyone that is new to the army asks but as I am new guess what....... :roll: !!!!!!!!

    I understand that doing your job well is a basic requirement these days and is expected on your C.R. but what advice does any have for a 30 year old Crafty(yes very late entry at 28 and 11 months) for getting a good C.R. as I really need to get up the pay scale A.S.A.P.

    I have done well so far in training, Best recruit, Outstanding student on Initail course as well as a gleaming report when I went to India last year for three weeks to lead a team boat building for the Tsunami appeal.

    1. Will any of this have any influence on C.R., and Class 1 .
    2. What sort of things should I be organising that will set me out from the other craftys.
    3. I was to busy working to suppourt wife and two kids to be into sports before the army so I feel little to long in the tooth to be starting football, rugby, basketball etc and most my age coaching now so what can I use as an alternative.

    I know these sound like bone questions from 30 years old but civvy street was based on how well you could do your job, your organisational skills and your general work ethic
    ie on time, willing to do overtime, working without supervision etc.

    I know these things are important to the army to but seems in my very limited experience of the army so far( do the math ) that you can be ok at job fook up a few times a week but as long as you play sport and organise the odd night out you are sorted. No insult to anyone reading this as there are good ppl out there just a general observation. Maybe things where different a few years back I dont know but that how it seems to me.

  2. Which trade do you intend to pursue and did you follow that trade in civvy street?

  3. I am a VM"B" ( pauses for A mech style wit ) and no I have no previous experince of my job.

    I was a boat builder but the careers office never mentoined shipwright too me ( maybe because such small trade ).

    I worked my way up to production manager in a fairly small firm, 15- 20 blokes employed depending on business, but unfortunately I never took any formal courses so when the firm went bust it looked like I was back to the tools if I wanted to continue working in that field ( bigger company more profesional ) so decided to join the army as had always wanted to and would offer the chance to get formal qualifacations in man management as well as another string to my bow.
  4. Whilst job knowledge, military attitude, fitness etc. all have - quite rightly - a large input to CR, I always found that it helped to do something near to report writing time that brought one to the notice of superiors. I did a number of things - families camera club, rambling club, corrected problem dogs etc. What one needs is the attention so that the Boss says something like 'Oh yes - he is the one who taught my wife to take good portraits of the kids. Good soldier too' pay off. Shouldn't really but it is all a game anyway.
  5. Firstly, you are correct that a good CR can stem from how well your boss "like's" you, however for it to have any true substance on a promotion board it must have evidence to support any claim that is made of your competancies. So "Cfn Smith shows clear leadership." is not too good, whereas "Cfn Smith recently lead a team of shipwrights in support of the Asian Tsunami, showing outstanding leadership throughtout." would be much better as it explains why you are a good leader.

    The promotion board has a very short period of time in which to read your reports are score them based on the evidence. They are looking for evidence of what characteristics you show and the "value" that you bring to the unit, both in and out of work. You can be the best VM B in the world but if you just spanner then go home for the night it does not show your true potential. An aspiring leader will actively participate in activities outside of work or better still he will orgainse them.

    You should have a 6 monthly appraisal from your tiffy during which he will be able to tell you what you are doing well and what you need to improve on in order to receive a CR that fairly reports on your abilities. You do not need to be a regimental sportsman, but add value to the organisation by arranging or participating in other activities that you and others will enjoy.

    Remember in order to gain promotion you should be seen in the capacity of one who is easily capable of holding the next rank that you aspire to reach. Look around your unit and you will see the guys who are keen thrusters and the ones who are happy with their lot and do not intend going any further. Talk to some of the guys who are successfully loaded and awaiting the start of their tiffy course as they can give you some good advice within the unit.

    All the best with your future career (even although you are a VM B :lol: )
  6. steer clear of the whingers and trouble makers who consider themselves the boys and tend to tick and whinge at every decision that the management make. if you are a whinger, you very quickly appear on radars.
  7. [align=justify]Thanks for all the advice so far ppl, :D , much appreciated, so basically what you are saying is that evidence of your leadership, organisational skills etc, gained through organising events as well as taking on extra responsibilties are all benefical on your C.R.. rather than being sportsman of the year End-ex.
  8. OOC. On your CR (2B047) there are 21 Boxes. Only 4 cover your trade ability, 6 supervisory and 11 personal qualities. Assuming every one is outstanding at their trade it's the other boxes that you need to fill. However the pen picture has to reflect with evidence, not just what you've done but how well. A good thing is to organise a LAD/Workshop function
  9. Exactly!

    In addition:

    You have an advantage over your contemporaries; experience in life, management experience, you can accurately express your thoughts in writing, maturity, organisational skills etc.

    You are disadvantaged because: some of the above will act against you (some young Tech Cpl might not be able to handle being told by Cfn Oldagecrafty that there is a better way of doing that... so don't say anything, just do it your way if he isn't watching!), fitness, not being able to handle being told that we've always done it this way....

    But, on balance, and from what you have written, you will be ahead of the game. Your goal is to be loaded onto the tiffy course as soon as possible. If you do well on your trade training, you should be recommended for an early return to the Class One course. If you have done well, and it hasn't been mentioned, then ask before you leave the School.

    Why not check about shipwrights before you go much further? MCM Div may just be desperate! But watch the promotion prospects!

    Finally, the others are right - watch those ahead of you! How do they handle difficult jobs? Do they volunteer for everything? Remember that it isn't always about running things, it is about organising them - let others do the running around for you! Then you can think about what you are going to do next!

  10. Yes. If you are a bit unsure then volunteer as a member of a committee or 2i/c of an event, then once you gain experience and confidence organise something yourself.

    Heywood also raised an excellent point. If your role models are the people you aspire to become you cant go wrong and nothing should come as a shock to you. If you hang out with the moaners who get pissed down the Naafi Bar every night then everything you do will be reflected in that company that you keep. At all times (where ever possible, we all have a bad day) you should lead by example and be a valued member of the team. A Cfn with clear potential always stands out and you have the added benefit of maturity on your side!
  11. Again all good advice thanks.

    I do understand the fitness issue as I have struggled to keep up some times during runs especially but always put in maximum effort and I think that is noted. Although I have voluntered to partake in the Nimagen March ( for those who dont know 25 mile a day with 10 Kg for four days) OMG what have I done 8O

    Ref: Shipwright.

    While as was at S.E.M.E. I heard about and enquired about shipwright and at that time the next available course was two and a half years down the line so that one went out the window. Any thoughts of a re-trade later down the road have been binned for the time being but maybe in the future if all the moving gets too much maybe consider as mainly based in Marchwood from what I understand.

    Ref: My age and being told what to do by younger ppl.

    Well at the end of the day I just have to pick my battles on that front as I knew it would be that way before I joined up.I have just been posted ( 3 weeks ago 2 Bn Fally )so I will wait till I am more experienced at the job then voice any input if it is constructive and helpful to the running of LAD etc. ( Think the system pretty much there and if it aint broke then dont fix it )
  12. 2 Bn is an excellent unit and and offers an excellent diversity of opportunities. I would say that you will be in V&G Pl, but there will be ample opportunities for you to prove yourself outside of work. The Bn have been active in the last 3 major operations that the Army performed so be prepared to work hard, but with the right attitude you will reap the rewards. Enjoy the posting, especially leaving functions in Hamburg!
  13. Dont loose sight of the fact that at CFN rank you need to work for a living AT TRADE!

    All the stuff above is all sound advice, but you need to be good at trade or you'll just get chucked in the waste of space pile if you just wander around all day putting all of the above into practice and not fixing owt.

    Dont underestimate the huge lead you have over your peers purely by virtue of your age and experience - beleive me, its massive - when you compare you to the next guy - he only wants to drink and shag birds, neither of which he can do with any competence untill he's at least 25, he'll act the big-man at work all day rather than graft and he'll run a mile when he sees some responsibility coming.

    Just stick it out on the shop-floor, fix kit and do it right with a smile on your face, dont worry about the gladiators, being a sports mong doesnt slow everyone down and in some cases some people have only got where they are by virtue of the fact they are good at 'X' sport or other, which in a purely technicle Corps is absolutely un-fecking-forgivable, but a lack of trade ability will stop them all at some point and if you haven't got it when you really need later in life, its too feckin late...........

    But you know what?

    Just enjoy it..................