What makes a unit go downhill?

No jokes about 4 tonners with brake fade please.
I have often wondered what it is that makes a unit you have served in change from an establishment where going into work every day was a joy, to one where the sign off board in the UAO has got too full and the OC orders it to be taken down because it is embarrasing. What are the deep down reasond behond this phenomena? Is it down to poor leadership, even though the higher echelons may not have changed, or due to a policy change effecting the unit in question. On of the methods I have seen is where a particular SNCO posted in was being a bit of a p***k, and for some reson, this attitude spread, and was allowed to continue unchecked by both the SSM or OC. The troops on the ground rapidly lost respect for all involved and life in the unit was reduced to a 'turn up half an hour before parade affaire or face charging. Oh! And thats half an hour by my watch, not yours'. The bizzare thing is that for some reason most of them seem to get promoted, even though they had successfully initiated a 50% sign off rate within the Sqn.


If you have a 50% sign off rate in your squadron I suspect someone on high might notice...

What cap badge are you?
I was RLC. In my 12 years I was at 8 differant units (including attached tours etc). At 3 of these (including my last in Bulford) life was very, very good. The work hard, play hard ethos was firmly in place. To give you an idea of how hard we worked I was posted in from Germany in July 95. From August 95 to Xmas 95 I had 2 weekends off. The rest of the time we were on the road, but the spirit in the unit was such that no one was too bothered (exept some pads(understanably)). Once the SSM and OC were promoted and posted things went downhill. I won't go into details but it was little things like one troop having to remove their Sqn flashes from their vehicles whilst the rest kept theirs, and other little things. It started to kill the unit. The next OC had spent her entire time in the army flying a desk (and was even responsable for making cuts in my trade before joing us!!). During my final interview after 12 years service she spent the entire time staring at a telephone expecting a call instead of looking at me.

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