"What makes a good officer"

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by freerider, May 13, 2010.

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  1. When I was in the army my own experience was that officers who came from Sandhurst or who were academy trained made the best officers and they were always polite when they addressed you. Those who became officers through the ranks made the worst officers. The latter always changed personality wise and their wives or at least most of them would try and talk with an upper crust voice and they always sounded stupid. The men themselves changed completely, they too tried to be something they never were to begin with. When they retired unlike officers who came from the Sandhurst school they tended to advertise their rank that was i.e. Colonel Blink. They would demand you address them using their retired status title, it may be that when you were a squaddie you knew him as a private or trooper. You also find that those who were made up through the ranks even ex serving WO2's tend to find it difficult to understand that they are now civilians and not in the armed forces.

    Maybe it would be better to send them all to the Chelsea pensioners home or something like that. Sadly though many of these people wives included just can't forget what was. God bless them all.
  2. What makes a good officer? A good Sergeant mate!
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Frogs and snails, and puppy dogs' tails....

    That's what maks a good officer.
  4. Not being around for a start
  5. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    You left the Army quite a long time ago didn't you?
  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Ignoring some of the bone statements in the original post - Dark Ninja your jest has more truth in it than many would care to admit.

    As a YO, I will always remember accidentally eavesdropping as I was about to walk into the Tp Cage my Tp Sgt debriefing the JNCOs of the Tp for not educating me. His leverage was that if I was not taught my trade properly then when the time came for to be a Sqn 2ic they would be the ones that ultimately suffer.

    I benefited greatly from that, and I was grateful, I can only hope that their endeavors reaped the benefits they hoped for.
  7. Looking down - not up...............
  8. Knows their trade, willing to listen (especially to SNCOs), allergic to dither and refuses to behave politically.

    Or at junior levels - keen to learn, willing to take part and never needs to be taught the same lesson twice (unless it involves dodgy women and copious amounts of alcohol!)
  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Know your job. And be yourself; don't try and be liked. Otherwise

    1. Display the trappings, postures and gestures of dominance
    2. If challenged, threaten your subordinates aggressively
    3. Use your superior information to outwit them
    4. If that fails, do not shrink from forcibly overpowering them
    5. Stamp out their silly squabbles
    6. Buy off your immediate subordinates with status symbols
    7. Do not let anybody else persecute the weak
    8. Direct group choice of social activities
    9. Occasionally jolly the bottom ones along
    10. Be seen to defend the Empire
    Liberally paraphrased from the 'Ten Commandments of Dominance'
    (Desmond Morris, 'The Human Zoo')
  10. Develop style , manner , control , discipline , relationships , respect , tact , mannerisms , presence , integrity …… etc which are the polar opposites to those of Brown and you may ..... no you will succeed .
  11. Looking over many of the replies I note that many seem to believe that NCO's make good officers, and one commented that I must have left the army a long time ago, whilst the latter is true I have a nephew still serving and he has done countless tours of both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Many of my old army pals have children serving as well one who has a son who is a captain. What comes over strongly still to this day is that NCO's make poor officers, they concentrate on the title rather than the responsibility.

    Another observation is that when an officer who studied at Sandhurst finishes his time he has no problems adjusting back into civilian life whereas many of the NCO's who complete 22 and 27 years fail completely to fit back into civilian life. They cannot let go of the power they felt they once held. I remember a tale from a lad who was serving in 2007 with one of the tank regiments and he laughed when he told us about the NCO who had gained a commission and every evening he would walk around the camp just so he could be saluted.

    You also find many of these characters find work after retirement in some office working as a civilian for an office of the MOD, they can no longer fit in and the fear of civilian life becomes a nightmare for them.

    An old friend who served 22 years told me that in around 1979 or thereabouts the government of the day made cuts in the services and so the regiment offered a severance deal which entailed giving long serving (senior Sgt upwards) NCO's a payoff of £100,000 plus a full pension. So many of the senior NCO's took it up, then he said that the regiment woke up one morning to discover it needed to make up people from the ranks because all the senior ranks had gone. He said it was the worst nightmare ever because so many people who should never have been made up were made up. For him that was the beginning of the rot but everyone somewhere has a story to tell I guess, some good, some funny and some like tales from the crypt.
  12. 100k + pension for stripeys in 1979? I think your friend is telling porkies.
  13. You are quite bitter aren't you. Did an LE Officer run off with your wife or something similar?

    If you applied your brain before typing, you would realise that there are:

    Good/bad Sandhurst officers
    Good/bad LE Officers
    and, god forbid,
    Good/bad JNCOs/SNCOs

    It is, after all, what makes the world so interesting!!!
  14. It's like all groups; most will be fine, some will be excellent, and a few .... well, that's why the term GOPWO was coined. There's benefit from having them all.
  15. Red corduroy trousers and a black Labrador are always signs of a winner.