What makes a good Army wife ?

Eyes like limpid pools of desire, skin like a fresh kissed peach, a figure that Brigite Bardot would kill for and last but not least, she bangs like a shithouse door.
On the wedding anniversary, get the wife to put the wedding dress on. If it still fits happy days - if she fails to get it on cos she has turned into a bloater, give her a 3 month warning order. if at the end of 3 months said wife still fails to fit into wedding dress then its time to get rid and find a slimmer model!..

Bear in mind she was a size 10 - 12 to begin with!...


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Ron Hill tracksters (pref black)
White high heels with front whitened by tippex
Thick ski jacket
King size fags and cheap lighter.
You forgot:

Sqn T Shirt
Bleached hair with 3 inches of roots showing
Snot covered 5 year old in a push chair with either a dummy or bottle in it's mouth
Shit tats
muffin tops
argos bling
jeans that are the wrong size
ugg boots
tounge / eye brow and nose piercing
stained top - baby milk or kiddy snot.
shit makeup
The ability to take a big right from their Fijian hubbies...... ;-p

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