What make of assault vest is this?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gooddog, May 25, 2009.

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  1. Saw this for sale on internet (whist looking for a roll pin buckle), could anyone identify - i've never seen one like this before....


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  2. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Looks like a HM Supplies job to me.
  3. I have one for sale if you want one. :D
  4. Made by a company called "Top of the range" think these were the "bought of the shelf" vests at Hereford. This was before the issued vest were made.
    I have a couple of these vests i'm repairing at the moment, inside the right hand zip pocket there is a Union Flag and on the rear of it is written Top Of The Range and their address.

    There was another company manufacturing vests around that time too, think it was called "Pro Sport"

    Hope that is of some help?

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  5. Think ive got one of these at home, cant think who makes them although REsticher seems to have it down.
    Served me very well over the years, as I struggled to make PLCE work for me.
  6. So are they IR and what would be a reasonable guide price ?
  7. The vests are lighter than the PLCE issued ones, they are pretty well made. Not sure if the A2 mags especially the blank ones fit well in the ammo pouches? There again i don't know if the PLCE one fits them well either? The pouches were designed for the RG mags.
  8. No, the ammo puches were a let down, mine had material in to seperate the mags in each pouch, once that was snipped out, you could get three to a pouch without too much trouble
  9. The vests i have are made from Mil Spec fabrics, but as they have been washed to death battered about i think any IRR properties it did have as new will be long gone. So if you can find a newish one with good colour maybe better with the IRR.

    I'd say these vest in a good condition with all zips and clips working £20-25 would be a fair price.
  10. I've seen these vests before with the ammo pouches stripped off and an issued PLCE ammo pouch stitched on.
  11. Now that would be a much better plan, if only I had thought of that!
  12. I actually have one of these vests and in my opinion they do have some nice little design touches and they are lightweight. Whilst they may be made out of MoD spec material and all that jazz, the build quality varies from vest to vest which renders them a poor piece of kit.

    Mine seems to have been put together by chimps in some far east sweat shop.

    I can't belive the chaps in hereford bought these. :?

    Do yourself a favour and spend a few pounds more on a (secondhand) issue vest.