What looks like a VC10 but isn't ?

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by grimbo, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. Was in the garden this afternoon when a bloody noisy A/C made both myself and the Mrs look up.... now we live under one of the LGW flight paths so A/C overhead of the civil variety are not rare but this had the distinctive crackle as it climbed out over the channel , eyes screwed up against the sun it deff had a high T tail and rear mounted engines but couldn't see if they were a pair or doubles . The Mrs said VC10 ? straightaway ( she's ex B Caledonian and remembers the VC10's and the 111's with a degree of affection) but I'm not so sure .... what else is still in civil use that could from the rear be mistaken for a VC10 type ?
  2. Il-62. Unlikely to see one in UK though.
  3. If only one engine each side (much more likely) - probably MD-80 series.
  4. Ask the guys on PPRuNe - this will get them very, very excited...
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  5. HHH

    HHH LE


    Does the airport website not throw some light on it?
  6. DC-10 had two engines hanging under the wings, and one in the tail. VC10 is the only bird that I can think of off hand that had 4 engines hanging off the tail.
  7. I thought this was going to be a joke.
  8. If it sounded like a million dustbins falling off a multi storey carpark then it might have been a Caravelle but I didn't know the things were still flying

    Sud-Aviation Caravelle drawings download
  9. Was it the VC10 that had some commercial passenger seating facing backwards - like British rail carriages?

    I flew to the Middle East in the 70s in something with a configuration like that.
  10. RAF VC 10 had rear facing seats first time I flew on them, to Canada 1971.

  11. But this was a commercial flight. Im sure I didn't dream it.

    Re the Caravel mentioned above, I recently had to fly from Tuvalu - a tiny atoll in the Pacific. The aircraft was a museum piece - a Convair CV580 from the 1950s.

    Just want you want to see on an uncontrolled (and unfenced) airfield full of potholes and covered in dogs (and dogs shit) 2000 miles away from anywhere. :(
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