What Life Insurance?

Mornin' :D

I need some life insurance, but ive heard different stories about some policies not covering you for ops etc. Can anyone recommend any companies, with a bit of info if possible ? Ive got dependents by the way :D

Thanks, in anticipation.

Edited to add, Sorry, should have read other posts! :oops:
abacus and PAX are the army's big two covering you in both war and peace. however i have to pay in £40 a month to get what i deam a sensible return for my life!
I've got £200k of cover with Sterling, they do a service life policy with no war exclusions etc - cost me around £16 / month.
You may wish to seek the advice of an independent financial advisor - a 'properly independent' one rather than those who are tied to particular bank or brand.

Your options will be quite wide if you haven't been warned off for operations. If you have been warned off then you may well be limited to military specific products such as SLI or our own.

ViroBono has a sticky on insurance above, which is an excellent reader prior to seeking any advice.


SLI- Service Life Insurance cracking deal, seems pricy but there are no hidden small prints or anything. I'm getting it and I'll be advising my lads to get it.

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Snakes, Unless you are qualified you need to be careful how you advise "your lads" may leave yourself open to all sorts!! - the world we live in I'm afraid!!


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