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What licence category were 4 tonners?


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Back in the day when we did the 4 tonner driver training and test, etc... what licence category was that for?
I did a dual tests for normal licence and hgv 3 in 1985 at woolwich barracks. So the answer would be hgv 3
Seems odd now, but the army HGV 3 course could be taken/tested simultaneously with the standard car test.

Quite a number went from no licence to HGV 3.

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My Bad.. The 3&4 ton designation was the carrying weight...
HGV3 Whatever that means now. Can't remember what the Bedford RL was though.
Originally classed as a 3 tonner during the sixties and early seventies, and then upgraded to a 4 tonner.
Seems odd now, but the army HGV 3 course could be taken/tested simultaneously with the standard car test.

Quite a number went from no licence to HGV 3.

Edited for being too slow.
I could not drive, and so in training I was taught by a civvy instructor in Catterick, first in a LWB rover, test passed and a red book licence was issued. and then straight onto a Bedford RL 3 Tonner. On completion a HGV black book licence was issued. Two licences, the red book I still have, dated September 14th 1972.
I did all my driver training on an RL, passed the test in 1968 and got a red book driving licence, then later on got an HGV 3 on the grandfathers rights or whatever, then did my HGV 2 in an AEC 10 tonner in Duisburg, loads of fun !!


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Pre Feb 1970 there wasn't an HGV license to hold
If you could provide evidence you had been driving Heavy Goods Vehicles for 6 months you gained Grandfather rights and automatically got the HGV.
Yup, certainly applied in my case. I was 'spammed' when I did a stint at Rifle Depot as s DI to drive a 3 tonner to Wales. I only had a car and motobike license and was advised that was fine. That was during 60s. In around '72 I acquired a HGV bit on my licence. Gave up when I was early 40s.
In 1979 you wouldn't have had a theory test, just a few questions based on the highway code conducted after the driving element of your test.
Exakkerly, I had a little jock full screw from the resident battalion, in Ballykelly, grunt and point at a few road sign pictures and that was that. Much more involved now
ah the RL! a more basic design vehicle couldn't have been possible, and in the sixties all you needed was a car licence.
I arrived from bleeders to my first unit just as a crash out was called, the s/sgt said to me can you drive? yes staff, good well bring the g10 wagon, we didn't need no steenking licences or any of this famming up bollix then :)
Was mooching about various .gov websites as a result of this thread and came across this.

Take a practice theory test - GOV.UK

Test for cars. Got 46 out of 50. Some very different questions to my test in 1979
49/50. Meh. Who said kids need seatbelts anyway? Not bad considering I don't have a UK Licence anymore :)


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The MJ was 9650kg MAM I think. The ones that weren’t 4X4 were I think less than 7.5 tin but MOD had us do our tests in them. They were 4 cylinder not 6 like the MJ, some had turbos though.
Like you have all said, to drive the Bedford range you had to pass an HGV 3 test.

The 3 axle 10 tonners required an HGV 2 test.

I never had a car licence (only motorcycle) when at Bordon for my basic Recovery course (1976) and on passing my HGV 3, I automatically was issued a car licence. Obviously as a Recy Mech I did class 2 as well.

I have kept my licences up to date, and have just had my 4th medical. (My first was at 45 years of age, Cost now: £60 and up) Apart from the medical you will also need a 'digicard' for tachometers (Cost £32) and to have attended 35 hours of CPC (drivers) instruction, this is an attendance course of 7 hours over 5 days. (cost: £70 per day ish,)

The medical, your CPC course and 'digicard' need renewing after 5 years.

All of the above is required if you want to drive professionally.
43 out of 50 for me. Not bad for a non-driver, but obviously room for improvement.


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