What Level Of Clearance For TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Have_Ago, May 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    I am a newbie so please go easy, I recently join my local Signal squadron, just done my second weekend.

    The question I have concerns the level of security clearance I now have ? My day job is pretty crap and low paid but one of the guys I work with recon’s I should now have SC clearance which with a bit of telecoms experience should be allow me to get myself a much better job.

    I did discreetly mention it to one of the lads but he thought we only had BC.

    The thing is I don’t want to start asking questions so soon after joining in case it looks like I’m there for the wrong reasons, which I’m not. However I would be grate to get out of my current job, does anybody know for sure what level I'm cleared to.
  2. did you fill in the orange coloured form? should be SC
  3. Ye did fill a security form in think it was more pink than orange, but I also think it applied to a number of security levels, thanks for the reply.
  4. the clearance can take a few months to process - if you need it for civvy job may be a good idea to ask at your next training night which level you have applied for. Then you can at least tell prospective employers it is being processed
  5. MOD form 1109 (grey colour, but varies slightly) is S/C CTC check, most TA work, most List X, (salmon colour) S/C+ and D/V, signals & higher access including List X development/management

    B/C is not guarantee of further clearances, usually covers general government premises.

    Tell the truth, it's completely confidential, if in doubt make subject access request to police against PNC to get dates right.

    Poppy's right, can take months, be patient.

  6. Your employer will know who did your clearance - sounds like that you have done CTC. BC is to check identity and references and normally then gives access to "Restricted" and the new "Protect" marked documents and supervised access to Confidential.

    While you can access central government buildings with BC it does not cover all of them (A colleague of mine couldn't start a role working in private office in DCLG because his CTC hadn't been finalised)

    Some central government departments also do their own vetting and not just the DVA (before I got DV my original CTC and BC was done and registered by the DTI plus I also have a CTC (same salmon form) that was done by the Met Police).

    Did you fill in a seperate Financial Questionnaire form? If so you will have gone through SC.

    I would have thought that you Sigs unit would get you to do any form filling the first time in (I know I did a CTC when I joined the TA, but this was 12 years ago).
  7. As a soldier you will go through CTC and BC as a minimum - handy enough to start on other HMG/Def work. Depending on what your trade/role is you will require SC. Chances are that you will have done that one due to your role. It can take ages to turn up - the DVA claims a few months but can be a lot longer due to backlogs.

    Ask your unit, I would suggest your PSI/SPSI or PSAO who is traditionally in charge of such security matters.

    Sometimes the case but it more the exception than the rule for SC, is needed for DV though.

    Having the clearance would save a prospective employer a few months of waiting, and about £10k or more.
  8. How long do SC last for?
  9. 10 years isn't it?
  10. Cheers Poppy, I used to work for an IT company supporting the Police 8 years ago so might try and get confirmation I'm still cleared and pop it on my CV.
  11. If as some of you guys say (and I will take your word for it) clearance takes so long to come through, does this mean that someone could actually being training before all the security checks have been completed.

    If so it is a worrying thought given the current terrorist threat
  12. Not in my experience, but I couldn't say regarding the TA.

    There are occasions where a perso used to be allowed supervised access to premises where BC & CTC have gone through and they are waiting for further clearance. But that is generally rare (again, in my experience).

    As far as duration of clearance is concerned, 10 years applies unless you go abroad for longer than a holiday, marry someone from overseas or work outside of the system for any length of time. Or if someone just takes it into their head. As for getting confirmation, usually that has to come from your sponsor. If you're in defence contractor role, it can sometimes takes as long to get your clearance transferred as it does to process a fresh application.

    Again, as far as I recall, the financial enquiries were a prerequisite of DV.

    This isn't authoritative, things change and I may not be completely up to date or I may well have overlooked something.
  13. Most cent gov depts will let people without a clearance to enter as an Escorted visitor - however they will have to go through bag checks and wouldn't be able to get to key areas anyway (for instance in the Home Office the Ministers and sensitive areas are in a seperate "building" which you need a pass to get into).

    Don't know the current waiting time is on SC as I never had one done - DV takes the most time as they carry out their investigations and interviews.

    As far as timeing goes, it is normally CTC lasts 3 years and SC lasts 10 - however it is common to have a "check-up" (I would have thought the new SCE would, with set review periods)

    As pyrogenica says, find from your sponsor who your clearances were through - then if you apply for another job it is easy for them to check (again this is from personal experience!)
  14. 10 months in my case. Take the time to improve fitness...remember..you can never be to fit!
  15. I need SC for my civvy job, and after spending months making calls back and forth I found that I needed to get dual clearance - for the TA (I'm at a signals unit) and for my job. This was no problem as my work has a couple of people that can sponsor you through clearance, which sped things up massively. After finally finding out what I needed, I got my second thumbs up after only a few weeks.

    If you are unsure - speak to your companies sponsor/TA Yeoman (or whoever deals with it), and they will direct you; the DVA are irritating at best - and unless directly referred, it's probably best to avoid them, as they (in my case) didn't want to know.