What lens to get for my new D90

Discussion in 'Photography' started by viceroy, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. I am upgrading my antique D100 to a D90 although i've been told by the dealer i ought to go for the D7000. I have been doing some research and while the D90 is nearing the end of her life cycle, the additional features do not justify the price difference. In a previous life i ran around with 3 lenses and god knows what other gear, all settings on manual and got some stunnings pics every now and again. However, i have now reached the point where it is about comfort and simplicity. I want one lens and want, for the most port, shoot on 'A' i will perhaps consider a second lens for special occasions, such as a tele lens when on safari in SA or a fast 50 for everyday fast moving targets.

    Any feedack on the bodies welcome as well. what i am really intested in is which set to go for: any thoughts on 18-105 VRII vs 18-200 VRII? What is your experience / suggestion?
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I have an 18-200 VR2 on mine as the everyday option - very flexible.
    In addition I have a 10-24 which I use for underwater work in the housing, and a fast 1.4 50mm.
    The only other thing I would like would be a 200-400 but not for 5K.... if I go on a safari I think I would rent one instead.

    The 18-105 is not well regarded.
  3. Thanks Mate, You find the AF speed is sufficient across the whole spectrum? I do not currently plan to buy another lens but will consider, as per your suggestion, a 50mm as they are not too expensive. I am selling my 12-24 though as I have used it only a dozen or so times in 5 years and was happy with an analog 28-105 (time to update) and a 80-400 which isn't ideal for Safaris as it isn't fast enough TBH.
  4. You only need two lenses.............



    Should cover most things :)
  5. @ leveller

    Beg to differ, but with a minimum of 35mm, you can't get any decent closeups - I've had poor results with the 18-105 at anything less than about a metre anyway, so anything more is severely limiting. Like everything, you decide what you're going to specialise on then get the appropriate kit. For the OP, it looks like the best option is the 18-200 (A dream lens for me - 768€ at current prices). D90 body is terrific - changed from the Canon 450D because I didn't like the heft (Canon too light for my liking, didn't seem to fit comfortable in my hand). As soon as I held the D90, I thought "the one for me". Never had the slightest problem with it, including dropping it.
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Without flash indoors AF speed could be better, which is why I have the fast 50mm - used successfully to photograph kittens playing last year for example. I also use a flash gun firing vertically so actually have no problems at all. Outside is fine.
    The wide angle for me is only used underwater and for photographing mates houses/rooms for adverts! (But now I think about it I used it quite a bit for some close up work rather than wide angle work).
    Safari suitable Nikkor lenses are going to cost 5-7k...... I have heard it is possible to rent them which sounds like a good idea, but have never looked into it myself.
  7. This wide enough for you?????

  8. Assuming we are still talking about NIKON AF-S VR II DX 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6G ED, you are being ripped off, I get a quote of € 511 from the shop I am usually buying, are you in Deutschland?
  9. Finally got around to order a D90 with the VR II 18-200 and two SDHC 8GB SanDisk 8GB Extreme III cards, a50mm F1.4, Dawntech GPS M3 SL90 geotagger. I will wait with the speedlight but will likely get a SB-600DX at a later stage. Total came to £ 1208, not bad I reckon... It's a belated xmas present from mrs viceroy and i very much look forward to it.
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    had the D90 for two years now - absolutely love it and it's the first thing to get packed whenever I'm off out or on a trip.
  11. When I did photojournalism I never left home without:
    17-35mm F3.5 Tamron
    24mm F2 Nikkor
    50mm F1.2 Nikkor
    80-200mm Nikkor
    x2 Converter, Times 1.4 Converter.

    Most stuff was covered with the first 3. The longer lenses were only used occasionally.

    Today I'd go for a good quality 18-50mm and then a good fast 70-210mm with a constant aperture. I'd keep the 50mm. This is a natural view lens, and used carefully can take very good pictures. Don't think of them as obsolete.
  12. The 350 - 1200 is ideal when taking photos in crowded tourist spots like the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Simply sling it on top of your shoulder, take aim and shout "Allah Akhbar". You'll clear the place in seconds.
  13. What have you done with the D100?
  14. Ebay, first bids have come in at 100 quid.
  15. Oh if you want to scare the shit out of people, these are much better.