What lead to buy to connect a VHS video player to a smart tv?

None of your VHS tapes will be HD, and I doubt watching them with an HD connection to your television would be worthwhile. The component connection was the high end of analog connections for VHS tape to television. If your current television has a component input, just use that. Don't waste your money on anything else.

Your VHS machine will only give you a 500 line analog picture, no matter what connection to your television you use. Now, if you have a lot of tapes, and many of use still do, particularly porn speciality military tapes, it might behoove you to invest in a home VHS to DVD machine. That way, the best possible analog picture will be captured as digital.

Like you said, a lot of VHS never made it to DVD.



I bought a VHS-DVD recorder to copy across my staff of tapes back in the day. After the first few, it was obvious how gash the VHS picture was compared to a modern TVs picture, I put the recorder on Ebay and ditched all the tapes in a skip.



I bought a VHS-DVD recorder to copy across my staff of tapes back in the day. After the first few, it was obvious how gash the VHS picture was compared to a modern TVs picture, I put the recorder on Ebay and ditched all the tapes in a skip.
Which @Kirkz is probably now enjoying


Ten out of ten for trying but unfortunately those are female RCA plugs.
Well spotted there trigger. All you do then is buy 5 RCA to RCA leads. Didn't feel the need to mention that piece of the puzzle as it is really obvious to anyone who looks, and anyone who cant find an RCA lead should not be allowed to own a TV. Plug them in. Far better suggestion than your "this is what you want but unlucky they don't sell them anymore" in fact, I will give up trying to help the OP out if this is becoming a cock measuring contest.


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For a similar situation (German AFV videos) I bought a VHS to USB lead, connected my video to the pc and used the supplied software to copy the tape directly to my hard drive. My tv then plays the files directly from my hard drive. If they need to be on a disc you can just copy multiple episodes to a disc until you fill it up as you would with any other media. Available from Amazon or ebay it's just a case of open program, press play on VHS and click on record icon.
Since Maplin went belly up,
CPC as mentioned in post 7

They do bargain magazines-

******* GET IN!!

can offend be heard from out office, after adding "06" or whatever to the product & getting an unexpected 12p saving!!!!!


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I don't know why you just don't make a cable yourself - if you can solder, it's a dawdle:

Scart pinout:
scart pinout - Google Search:

You just need to use an old scart cable and put some composite cable plugs on.

You'll need to use Red/Green/Blue and Audio outputs - and of course GND. Most people have old scart leads kicking about and a few old composite cables - you could make it in about 20 minutes!!! and not pay a penny.

That cable you ordered is the wrong one - the red and white connectors are for the Audio signal and the yellow is composite - which means red/green/blue (the picture) all come down the same line, If you plug that into that port you showed on TV picture the colours will not work properly. That's why I told you to get the other cable and so did others. You need one where the R/G/B colours are separate so they can plug into your TV port properly, and also have the audio on - So you need a cable with scart and then 5 separate plugs coming from it.

Red: Audio (Audio Right+gnd)
White: Audio (Audio Left +gnd)

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Well rather than start a new thread, I was a good little egg and used the search function.

And you know what? F├║ckkit - this'll do.....


2 years ago I threw about 20 VHS tapes in a skip at my local Household Waste place ( 'the Tip' )

I hawked them around about 5 seperate charidee shops first, nobody wanted them.

( HATE chucking perfectly working things away - but hey, has to be done sometimes. )

Question: does any Arsser know of a UK facility in the UK which takes these marvellously intricate staples of 80's /90's popular culture?

Most big recycling firms ( hang your heads Veolia ) won't take them as they stand.

I suspect this is because they take too much mandraulic processing to be usable. Which is not profitable. Which is why they are in business .

This video shows how to break one down into good and bad components:

( He takes 8 minutes to break one down. It's pretty laborious, mute it if you have issues with US speech patterns.)

KEY: the several hundred feet of Mylar tape is binned.

Apparently(?) the tape is toxic in large quantities. When it goes to landfill various naughty metallic elements such as Chromium leach out , go into the water table and eventually turn up in Stella Artois.


Please let me know if you know of any UK facility which has looked into re-using mylar tape ?

Great project for a Uni Engineering Dept !


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