What language is this?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by bigjarofwasps, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. polsey pagenci

    Can anyone tell me what language this is, or better stiil what the hell it means!!!!!!!!
  2. Possibly polish or maybe Yiddish,
    looks like something seen years ago but i'll be a matelot if i can remember what it meant.
  3. Darth the full wording is

    Miss E W Ashley

    Polsey Pagenci

    Jhin 7.42

    34 C.g.H

    Any ideas?
  4. Whats the context bigjar ?
  5. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    What's the context?
  6. "A distinctive, complex underlying pattern or structure"
  7. Its engraved on a silver compact. The compact, is not sterling silver, looks to be foreign. It has a celitc design on the front and the back.
  8. It's foerign - Isn't that enough?
  9. Jhin is the name of a town in Nepal.
    Polsey googles as a Family name and not much else.
    Pagenci returns lots of matches with a medical body PageNCI but not much else.

    7.42 maybe is July 1942?
  10. Here's an outside possiblity. It could be 'polish patients' or 'from the polish patients'. Was she a nurse perhaps?

    Polskay = polsey perhaps? Drop the k and

    Pagneci looks like the Polish plural for patients--pacjenci--as in medical type.

    A bit odd though since Polish is in the latin alphabet already. Maybe the engraver misspelt or could be a sort of slang. Or I'm just wrong. That's all I got.
  11. I nearly fell into the polish trap too, but went for the TLA clue instead.

    C.G.H. could be Changi General Hospital (Singapore) or Cape of Good Hope.

    If Changi, the polsey pagenci could be an anglicised equivalent of an asian language (though it doesn't really sound like it) or perhaps Tagalog? I wouldn't put much store in the spelling (making web searches a bit more difficult) as I suspect the engraver was not fully au fait with English (hence the lower case "g" in C.g.H. (or it could be that BJOW commited a typo). (Lucky he didn't pick BigJarofBees as a username - :) )

    Jhin seems to also be a Hindi word and there are other googled references that come up in Chinese/Japanese? characters.

    It probably isn't beyond the bounds of probability that there were Polish patients at Changi General Hospital, though as Singapore fell in February 1942, I can't see that having a compact engraved (in June/July?) would be at the top of someone's priorities.

    edited following more reading:

    In the context of Singapore, CGH would actually be Civil General Hospital, rather than Changi
  12. I googled CGH and found the hospital as well BUT when I check their website they have only been around since the 50's which put the date out of context with our earlier thoughts.

    If this metal box is old, it might be possible to identify the hallmarks (if silver) and at least geographically place where it was made... E Europe (Yiddish/Polish) or SE Asain - C.g.H.

    Editted to add no trace of this lady on the Common Wealth War Graves Commision website.
  13. Might it be an address? Where the map to find the treasure is located under the floor of the garden shed.

    Mongolian perhaps? I've tried it in a dozen search engines and come up with nothing on polsey pagenci. I've also shown it to a colleague who is polish and it means nothing to him.

    C.g.H. Is the 'g' deliberately in lower case?
  14. Maybe engravers error for Palsey Agency? Might have been done in the Agency workshops.
  15. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    Jhin is not a Hindi word.

    Nor is the language Nepali.

    Jahn is a Nepali word meaning Much (roughly translated)