What Kit?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wonky_donky, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. I am going to chilwell in January and would like to know what kit I will get issued, Also what mil kit I should take with me. Days to do are getting few. So I would realy like some info on what kit I will get there. ie sleeping bag helmet etc.
  2. Army stuff.
  3. Take uniform x 2, webbing,dossbag,warm kit/waterproofs for your military kit.

    You will struggle to carry the amount of kit issued, you will get another doss bag, but maybe not til a day or two later and it might be a summer one.

    The heating in your accomodation block may not be working.
  4. You STILL staggin on with your SLR...
  5. Good luck with the heating old son!
  6. Ah, yes, now that was a real gun and me puttees came right up to me knees Ge'ral Kitchener said to me one day i remember he said "Get out of my way"
  7. Do what Golden did, turn up with kit you haven't been or wouldn't be issued, that Ultimate Survival Kit by BCB is only £24.99 off the shelf and Webtex do some real IRR-unfriendly chest rigs.
  8. Yes I remember SLR days when heating was a luxuary...
  9. And really good kit like A 41's the mighty 432 and non waterproof /breathable clothing. Heavy tinned scoff and all the rest .
  10. The screws have been known to show favouritism to those recruits who are loud and gobby and walty
  11. I'd say bergan & helmet too you might need then to do a CFT before you get issued the new gear.

    Most the kit your going to get issued will be MTP which you won't wear till you get out there and you won't get warm kit 'cus you'll be getting the summer issue
  12. I forgot to mention to take your empty bergen, for putting some of the kit they issue you in and for the CFT, the CFT is towards the end of the second week so you shouldn't need to take your helmet, you can wear the one they issue you on the range. Not sure if they issue MTP yet as it's still fairly new in July we got the old deserts, but got MTP at unit, with some bits in theatre.
  13. sorry omitted a few words should have said your helmet so you can 1 for 1 swap it for a mk7 at the stores and the bergan for the CFT.

    You know more than me 17thSeptember1944 by the sounds of things I was posted to Chilwell on the Sapper side but got posted away from there a couple of years ago now so just trying to drag up a few hazy memories.

    I know as we handed over to 16AA in the summer they'd all been issued MTP with the rest of the kit. And both time's I got a new helmet (6-6a on H8 & 6a-7 on H12) I had them 1 for 1 swapped so if the OP has already got a 6 or 6a he might have to do the same?
  14. The trouble, or good thing is depending on your point of view is that things are moving on at a fast pace.

    The kit to take with you should be unchanged, but the kit you get at Chilwell and in unit will be more upto date, you may also get even newer kit in theatre too, but at some stage you do actually get it.

    So don't go buying blast proof pants, laser light modules, MTP dayscks, etc, etc