What kit will my son get for ACF?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Watcher, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. My son is joining the ACF; can anyone tell me what kit he will be issued with and what I need to buy for him. I know he won't get boots (luckily he fits my old pair!).


  2. depends on the QM. If he's just a useless old bitter drunk who hates the ACF and everybody in it, then probably not much. I've never been issued with anything useable by mine.

    But today cadets are scaled for, as a minimum:

    2x CS95 shirts
    2x Coolmax T shirts (will likely be brown. Haven'!)
    2x CS95 Trousers
    1x CS95 Combat Jacket or hooded smock (2005 pattern) if he's lucky
    [Edit]OG Fleece[Edit]
    1x Nylon working belt
    Headress to arm inc cap badge
    Brassard inc ACF title.

    This will all be new kit. The smock may have had very light use, but anything worn next to he skin must now be new for H&S reasons.

    If he's lucky, and QM is a switched on useful bloke (as some are) he might get a few extra bits.

    In the future the ACF plan to issue boots, Goretex waterproofs webbing or load bearing vest, bergan, etc. The webbing/load bearing vest and bergan may be a 'cadet' version, with less pockets or features. This is dependant on funding being secured of course.

    Cadets on FTX should get sleeping bags if needed, waterproofs, poncho's, bungees, messtins, plastic mug, water bottle and hexi from a central pool

    If you really want to buy him something useful, get good fitting comfortable boots, one size up from his shoe size and of the correct width fitting. Nothing saps the interest of a 13 year old faster than blisters! Followed by Goretex waterproofs (every TA I've ever been on with has near incessant rain, even in June) and finally a daysack to carry around said waterproofs. A pair of PLCE side pouches is a good start as there are lots of All Arms and a fewPLCE bergans knocking which can be attached.

    After a few dramas with hexi, he will go out and buy a small gas stove. everybody does. These can be had for a tenner upwards these days.

    [Edited to add fleece]
  3. Oh, and make sure he writes/engraves his name or initials on every bit of kit he can, or expect it to go walkies!
  4. Thanks appreciate the advice.
  5. I know Lightweights are out, but I am not 100% sure on Woolly Jumpers ?
  6. Oops! Forgot the Fleece. Your son will get a new OG Fleece
  7. is this in place of Wooly Pullies ? WOTW
  8. Yes. Wooly pullys, lightweights and OG shirts are no longer issued (or shouldn't be) as C95 is now the 'official' ACF uniform, according to our QM. Cadets already serving are/were being told hand in your OG shirts, lightweights and jumpers for an extra set of CS95s and a fleece. Soon no-one will be wearing lightweights. Not even the adults.
  9. I never got a fleece :(
  10. I have a couple of old name tapes; are these still worn?
  11. Yes, but some berk recently said cadets are not to wear them because paedophiles will somehow use them as intelligence and track said cadet down and abduct/bum rape/murder them. FFS? :roll:

    Personally, I think all Cadets and Adult Staff should wear name tapes. I struggle to remember the names of the cadets in my det, let alone the names of the other 350 across the county
  12. seriously? everything of mine is has been issued before, my combat jacket had no hood and a small hole in it, and i was given neither t-shirts or a second of anything.
    and for some strange reson i dont have a brassard.
  13. This is because you are from Bridgwater and no doubt living on the wrong side of the Parrett
  14. yes, but i dont go to cadets in Bridgwater.
  15. Is it loaned kit from your unit before your proper uniform is issued by your County HQ?
    Perhaps they are holding back on issuing kit until they think you're committed to save knocking on doors to get it back?

    You should have a brassard if you're wearing any sort of uniform - the ACF shoulder title is the most important bit.