What kit to take to Chilwell?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jimw100, May 17, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm mobilising shortly and, having read my mob papers (and contacted the appropriate people at my TAC) I am still pretty much none the wiser as to what kit I need to take to Chilwell.

    Obviously I will be issued with everything I need for the theatre I'm going to, but do I need to take e.g. enough C95 DPM to last me for two weeks at Chilwell? Respirator? Bergen and webbing? Helmet?

    I assume I won't need sleeping system, basha, entrenching tool etc?

    It would be really helpful if someone who has been through Chilwell recently could give me a few words of wisdom, as all the other threads about Chilwell on these forums seem to date back to Telic 1.

    Cheers for any input

    P.S. the reason I am loathe to just take everything I've ever been issued is that I will probably end up going there by train, and lugging that much kit across town and on the trains etc will be a royal pain in the arrse
  2. Your TAC should have a kit list of what to take.I am going soon as well so I rekon we'll be there at the same time,all our kit is been sent on seperately and we've been told to only carry the minimum basics when we travel unless its different because we will be travelling from across the water.I've only a couple of bits left to do for my MFO box as we've been told to be ready.Ask again as I cant see them making you carry all that kit about :soldier:\ :desertsoldier:
  3. Hmm, well I haven't heard anything suggesting that they are going to send my kit to Chilwell separately. Also heard nothing whatsoever regarding MFO boxes, so by all accounts it looks like I'm well out of the loop on this one...
  4. You will need to take your: CS95, webbing, day sack, bergan, helmet(if your doing Herrick you will be issued a Mk6A) Resparator in date (less than 10 years old) and correctly sized!!. You can be issued a duvet. Goe as if you are doing a MATTs package (as this what Chilwell is really)!!

  5. Thanks, Stilts.

    When you say that if going on Herrick you will be issued a Mk6A, does that mean I won't need to take my Mk6, or will I still need that for APWT etc?
  6. Excellent advice Stilts, all you left out was a sense of humour.
  7. Bring your own plate because the place that you're forced to eat has small plates and it really stops you filling up. Likewise, you might want to bring some of old your condiments because, frankly, little sachets of budget sauces don't cut the mustard. Literally.

    Also, don't forget your Tesco clubcard otherwise you could miss out.

    Try not to take too many valuables because there are a few "Mersey" types about.
  8. :D

    As a scouser who attended YEARS ago and got my car broken into... ON CAMP I Resemble that remark. ;)
  9. It is possible that you are going to your unit right after RTMC, i know for a fact that I will be away for 8 weeks before I get any time off so you may want to factor that in. Although there is a huge tesco right across the road so you can purchase anything you need.
  10. The MK6 is no longer issued they ll give you a MK6A which will go on your 1157 to keep,they may take your old 6 off you if you ve got it.
  11. I wouldn't bother with an MFO box - average time to get out here seems to be about 3 months - mine was 4.
  12. I'll admit to being slightly apprehensive before going, I guess it's only natural - but don't be, you'll just be doing MATTS and a bit of admin.

    Don't bother with much field kit (poncho / sleeping stuff etc) as you won't use it. Take a compass and map case though. You might need to find some extra weight for the CFT depending on capbadge. Need civvy clothes for going to the pub in the evenings, there are a few within easy reach of the camp and you'll need something to do.

    Take a padlock for your locker (I was in one of the 20-man rooms which was pretty shite), remember flip-flops unless you like verrucas and athlete's foot. Head torch is useful in case you want to read after lights have been turned out.

    You only needed 3 months payslips to prove your civvy wages when I went (last Nov), though if you have anything unusual in your pay then take a letter from your employer. I found a vaccination certificate before I went which got me out of a few jabs.

    Also be prepared to be surprised at how shit some people are! 27 failed the very easy CFT out of about 100... shocking, would have thought that was bread and butter.
  13. Cheers for all the info guys. I just managed to get in touch with a guy from my unit who was at Chilwell in January, his advice was not to bother taking helmet & webbing as (as noted above) you will get a Mk6A given to you, and you get given one of these assault vest things which you can use for APWT etc.
  14. The assault vest is totally shit and big enough to fit 2 of me inside. I'd take the webbing
  15. And look a complete TIT! The only good thing about the vests are the pouches you can put on your Osprey!