What kit should I take on my Recruit Weekends, Corporal?

I'm sure that the replies differ from unit to unit BUT... the most important thing to remember is to TAKE ALL OF YOUR KIT, EVERY WEEKEND. It drives the DS spare when guys turn up without helmet, basha, waterproofs...

The harsh fact is that unit staff are NOT the experts on RTCs, the RTCs are.

You will also need to take washing and shaving kit, a little cash, A5 sized notebook and pens, waterproofed an carried in a breast pocket. Blokes do actually turn up without watches; don't do this. A small torch is handy; if you fancy splashing out a few quid then I recommnend the Petzl TakTikka. Your boots will not clean themselves; take a boot cleaning kit, and use Kiwi polish.

There may be down time, so civvies can be taken. Sports kit per the packing list, of course. If you are carrying an injury DO NOT try to bluff; another "sure to annoy DS" issue crops up when the "fit to train" certificate is signed, then some plank tells the PTI he has a broken ovary, or somesuch.

In the field you will find a spare water bottle to be of use, a copy of the issue one, or one of the bladder kind. Also, you only get issued two bungees, buy another four olive green ones, plus four DECENT tent pegs.

ALL DS like Haribo, Tangfastics are best...
Can I add that the first weekend involves you spending a night in the field. If you have not been issued a sleeping bag, bivvi bag, tent section, goretex, warm kit, boots or clothing of any sort or CEFO/CEMO, (it does happen, we sent six home last time!) save yourself several hours of travel etc and either beg/borrow/steal prior to the weekend or not bother turning up. If you do rock up without this, you will be RTU'd. It's not your fault, it's your units. The RTC's do not hold the stores to be able to cope with this.

Then, as B-B says, bring all your kit every weekend. Easy.

(The exception for 43Bde is if you are flying in from Jersey, in which case your PSAO/PSI will tell you exactly what kit to bring, and we will supply the rest)
Black tape and a cupole of combination locks are good aswell. Combination is good as you don't have to worry about a key. A windproof lighter is also amazing for those hexi blocks in the wind and rain. Have a separate wash-kit for the feild.

Try to get your hands on an official RTC kit/packing list. Then you can save time if you're doing a straight exercise deployment on the friday night. Plenty of those resealable feezer bags from Tescos. WATERPROOF everything well as not only will you have no dry socks/underwear/spares- You'll be carrying upto a cupole of kilos of extra water as weight in all these items.

I don't know if you are allowed you're own canoe bags or whatever- never asked and never used them on my recruits course, but I've got a big orteilb one for my main bergan liner and then a few smaller green ones for all my other kit- keeps them compressed and dry (are you allowed these on recruits courses?). The issued liners are merely sacrificial protection in my eyes- feel free to disagree.

For in camp trg- a good iron, a clean set of whatever the locker layout must be- if possible, if not bad luck. Cupole of decent/sturdy hangers. Air freshener is always good for just befoer those room inspections. It's amazing what people miss if they are distracted by a nice smell- though don't take the piss with it haha. Wind up or battery radio is always good for night time when you're doing kit or preping for lessons or whatever.

Obviously this is alot of stuff and its personal and your Corporals preference what you can get away with. As I always did try to get away with the least amount of personal kit as possible and use issued kit as much as you can to get used to its upsides and downsides so you can compromise, and then just pad it out when you've passed with little thigns to make life slightly more comfy. Because I imagine most courses in the army even up to the higher ranks involve the use of all issued kit with very little leeway and so its best to jsut get used to if even is some of it is garb.

Hope this helps.

As much as i agree with all the above, alot has to be said for individual QM's at different units.
My unit QM, for example, is slack as hell. He's a civvie and despite being next door to a reg army unit, he just cannot be arsed to get you your kit. So, if you can borrow anything and everything until you get your kit quota.
I've tried and put in an official complaint. He's just a useless lazy muppet due for retirement before he wants to go so he doesn't even try.
I've been haranguing him since i took the oath on 31st March and it still took him 4 weeks to send off my kit request.
I was lucky to get about 10% of what i should be issued before the first training weekend.
I've also been told i can "buy kit" from the local surplus store which, while being brand new, means i'll end up with more DPM than civvie clothes and no comeback.
I guess i was lucky i didn't get RTU'd, and made do with what i had, but to be honest the guy really pisses me off, despite going in and shouting at him what i need by such and such a weekend.
It's also embarressing when i don't have the correct kit at weekends and other platoon members do.
What happened to the good old days where you started at the end of a long counter and by the end of it you were staggering under everything!
GunwitchUK said:
As much as i agree with all the above, alot has to be said for individual QM's at different units.
My unit QM, for example, is slack as hell. He's a civvie and despite being next door to a reg army unit, he just cannot be arsed to get you your kit. So, if you can borrow anything and everything until you get your kit quota.
Put in a formal complaint via your Chain of Command.

There is no place for wasters like this.

I think our platoon LCpl flagged it up after i had a word with him a couple of weeks ago. Since then i've managed to get a training rota of what we're doing each weekend, told my CO and recruiting staff at the sqn. I couldn't even change a shirt last Tuesday as it was too large but the second one was the right size.
Wheels are turning and tomorrow night the proverbial will hit the fan.
Agree with the combi lock, have seen 3 guys loose locker keys plus one lock his keys in his locker.

Take a kettle means you can brew up any time plus if the food is dire you can live on noodles.

RVOPS do a good selection of waterproof bags which are dead handy for sorting your kit. While on that subject try and get a couple more utility/water bottle pouches.

Watch and decent torch with a red filter, if you use white light during the field phase it goes down about as well as a turd in a swiming pool with the DS.

DO NOT take a BIG knife, a gerber of pocket knife comes in handy but avoid having it on show.

A sense of humor is also very usefull.

Hope this helps.
Yeah my mate lost his key in his locker on our CMSR at Pirbright, was not good...

Only bad thing about Combination padlocks is they take a bit longer to open, not good when you have 2 minutes to change from 95's to PT kit.
Well I mean a three number combi lock with an easy to remember number and not too muddled takes seconds.

Taking a key on a string from around your neck takes seconds. It's six of one half a dozen of the other.

Plus when you have 2 mins to get changed and you feel for your key and it's not there then what...

I think it just gives a little peace of mind, I recall a number of times when angry corporals, with bolt cutters stormed into our rooms and alot of:

"Show lock with key", "Show lock locked".

I don't think it makes much of a difference, just personal preference.

Regarding combi locks.

I bought 3 from Asda and all 3 decided to change their numbers locking me out of my locker until a corporal unlocked it after about 30s of trying.

I bought a key yale lock after that.

edit- that might be just due to combi locks from asda being shite however. £5 for a lock should be better then that I would have thought though.
Yeah get a sturdy one flike the one below, I'd pay at least a fiver for one (as that is what you'd pay for a Yale lock. Alot of them work on the principal that if you twist and press down you can change the code so be aware.


Also if you can get them from the stores a metal mug is always a plus. And a small thermos flask/ thermos cup. Even if you aren't strictly allowed it whack it in the side pouch of your bergan. When you brew up, fill it up and then keep it for when you're on sentry or in an op, it's liquid morale.

Also for morale tangfastic haribo and also I always hid one of my favorite choco bars in my bergan just for when on that last night in the feild when its been raining for a few days and your cold and on sentry at 3 in the morning you and your mucker share it and you cheer up. Rgith ebfore you get bugged out!

(But seriously its great fun)

I discreetly took a jungle sleeping bag hidden in my bivvy bag. It was a saver when we got bumped in the field, where I could stuff it in my bergen without having to squeeze the air out first, me and my basha buddy where packed away before some other pairs had their basha's down.

It also stops you sweating your tats off in barracks during the summer!

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