What kit have you left from your service days?

.... [and what would you have kept].....
The only bit of kit I have left is a pair of hosetops and a jungle hat.
All the moves I've made around the world since then, I should have kept all those panniers airborne........


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I have every different beret I wore including the one I still wear, four in all, not one of 'em monkey red I hasten to add. Mustn't forget the putties! Wish the law would allow posession of my first gat, the SLR, lovely bit of rifle going on there!

Edited to add.......

Those "tits on a fish" little pink plasticy rubbery ear defenders that got stuck in ears. I found one in the box that is never looked in some time ago, cam cream and ear wax still evident!
I still have a bayonet, my arctic socks, and my sense of humour :)


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ordinaryforces said:
25 pdr field gun...out in the garage somewhere, Does that count? :lol:
Wow, I have a HESH round and a few cartridge cases, we should hook up some time!
When I left, I had decided that I was going to become an instructor in the ACF, so on leaving I swapped a case of coffee for my complete issue kit! Even got the system to sew on sgt rank onto my jumper!

But now 15+ years lator (and having left the ACF), having a look around I can find 3 sets of dog tags, 2 different sets of head dress, a No.2 dress Tie! and my old SASS smock.
I've been mooching in the attic, I've been out 15 years and all I've got left is my red beret, MP DPM brazzard and my dog tags. I also found my original MOD(F)90 issued when I was 18, I can't remember being that skinny!!
Two pairs of CS95 trs that I use for DIY - I can still fit in them! Result! - and a drawer full of course/exercise/tour t-shirts for same.

Two norgie tops, used as sweatshirts for slobbing around the house, 4 pairs arctic socks ditto. Yes, I do wear trousers as well. Most of the time.

Miscellaneous waterproof bags, kit for the keeping dry of, that I never use but don't like to throw out 'just in case'.

An A5 nirex folder bought at Warminster and never used. Old-style housewife scrounged at depot from a storeman who was my capbadge and took pity on me. A 51mm mortar bomb bag that I still use for wash-kit. pretty bloody good and a damn sight better than anything you can buy.

Tam o'Shanter and cap-badge (still highly polished naturallement), medals various and of course a shitload of course photos.


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Couple of ex Iraqi radio sets 1991, some gold teeth, lots of ears........
I've got me Part 1 paybook and me jack knife. The dog eats out of a large mess tin, but I stole that at "Doom Town" in Millom, Cumberland. :D


12 years after the change in lifestyle, all I have from the good old days is a beret (private purchase), two medals and a poncho.

The last pair of socks was consigned to the bin six months ago. Pretty good value.


boots combat high, proper combat jacket, 58 ptn belt, artic parka courtesy of RM stores. jersey heavy wool :) all of which i gave to my lad because as someone previously said I cant ever remember being that skinny.

kit i've kept for me Kukri, bergen, mess tins and some bits and bobs.


1 x SR6 Respirator with canister and case (green). 2 x JHW. I x Smock DPM. W/S holdall, Kitbag. 2 x Beret with cap-bage. 1 x NAPs, assorted medals, 2 x Holdalls (Green), 2 x Trs Lightweight. Tropical No2 Dress Complete. NI Aide Memoire. 1 x copy of Army Training News (1994), assorted Gurkha cap-badges. 1 x copy of Battalion Standing Orders, Map case with 1:25000 map of SLTA, assorted chinographs, silva compass and G1098 watch (still working).


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The only issued thing I still have is a brass button stick but I have a blue whaler that I wear for sailing and enough battery stable belts to make a colourful corset

Ooh, the thought of it sent me all quivery


I've got me number twos tie and a towel from 1976. Towels a bit thin now so I use it to wipe me smelly dog down.
I have my brass button stick somewhere
My soldiers Bible from enlistment!!!! How could I ever forget being on Soltau and stopping the war for the 'choppered in God squad' quick couple of Hymns then feck off and fight again.......can't say I'm very Christian!!!
My RTR Stablebelt which now wouldn't fit my arm much less my fecking waist.
My dress belt brass buckle complete with (somewhat detail free through excessive polishing) solid silver RTR capbadge.
My 3RTR Brunswick Green cravat which I wore on the Standards parade 1985 when 'Her Maj' came 'a calling'.
The C Squadron antenna pennant from my last tank/command
Two sleeping bags (not quite sure how :? ) oh yes and
A map of Soltau still with the chinagraph pencil markings showing my Last FUP near 'Strip Wood'!!!!!! 8O
Two old proper combat jackets,two army penknives,one knife from me KFS,army holdall,maps from Op Banner, a wife,some fcuking horrible and some fantastic memories,loads of pics and one wish,to go and do it all again but this time don't get pished quite as often so I can actually remember it.
I Scots Guards Forage Cap with set (slashed) peak and a set of dogtags.

Plus a non-issue Snoopy Dog in a combat jacket and lightweights that has been on every op with me including Banner and Corporate.

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