What kit do you (would you) continue to use after leaving?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by squeekingsapper, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    I was walking back to my car last night with Mrs SS and needless to say it was a little nippy, so I pulled my old NI gloves out of my winter coat, where they live except for when they are keeping my hands warm.

    Mrs SS (who usually wears woollen gloves) complained that she had left her gloves in the car, so (me being a bit of a gent) I leant her my gloves to keep her hands warm. After putting them on, she said to me, that she always wondered why I wore these slightly tatty old gloves, but they were surpisingly warm, to which I added they also keep the worst of the rain off too.

    Well that set me to thinking last night, that I do have a few odds and ends of old kit knocking around but the only thing I continue to use on a regular basis is said gloves, so I thought I would post a tread to see what others continue (or would continue) to use after leaving?.
  2. Norwegian and other cold weather underwear.
  3. My arctic socks. Use them every year when skiing. The dogs cahonas!
  4. Strangely enough, i'm still using my 8415-99-323-6714

    Reversible thermal jacket, great for driving and the short walk from car park to office block/home
  5. socks & norwegians will be kept.
  6. When trolling clapham common for c ock??
  7. CS95 gloves, I wear them at work - wonderful.

    Assault boots ait too bad either
  8. Couple of HPP lamps.
    Couple of Thomas bins in the shed.
    Sadly the textile stuff that got liberated has all gone to the 1157 in the sky.
  9. S10 Respirator.
  10. Sofite jacket and artic socks are pretty damn good. I did take my Lowas to Canada when on leave a few years ago but then again it was winter with an average day time temperature of -10!
  11. Nice one. That made do one of those LOL things that did!
  12. Falklands mk1 headover not the new shoite ones
  13. ewwwwwww
  14. desert socks - better than the itchy shitey green ones and great for hiking.

    My wick type brown t'shirts as I am too tight fisted to buy a civvy base layer

    and last but by no means least as I got up this morning and a penguin bit my arse is the reversable softie jacket.
  15. I wear my Norgy for commuting on my motorbike on the 40 miles each way trip in to London. I have a civvy style Columbia one with titanium in it and the Norgy sh1ts all over it.