What kit do you want?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Aunty Stella, Feb 10, 2003.

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  1. Simple enough question.

    I, along with a few other degenerate entrepreneurs from this site, are looking at setting up an online / mail order company supplying equipment to the great unwashed.

    This would be a bunch of ex squaddies supplying a bunch of current squaddies with the gear they either want or need that is not issued by Her Majesties Jokerment.

    What we need to know before hand though is quite simple.

    What decent gear is out there? Who makes it? Do you think you are being ripped off with what do you pay for it?

    The most important thing there is who makes it. We need to know who you lot class as the “top” manufacturers so that we can approach them.

    What gear would you like to see that isn't currently easily available (sorry, we can't get our hands on F16's, Gatlings or Starship Trooper personal Nukes, yet ;))

    Would you be happy to cough up your credit card details online? Would you be happy to wait up to 10 days for delivery or would you pay extra for next day / 48 hour delivery? Would you be happier to pay by cheque after you had received and inspected the goods (after all, squaddies are a zero risk client, due to the nasty paymaster!)

    We know that we already have some steep competition from the likes of Silvermans & the likes, but then again we won’t be wasting our time or money supplying wannabe civvies with SAS wings and 1960’s jump smocks. If we don't look into it, we'll never know if we can do it any better.

    Input appreciated, even the p1ss take ones that are bound to come ;D ;D

    Oh, and by the way, please do not contact us with offers of selling us issued gear. We aint in the habit of selling equipment that is on issue back to the people it should have been issued to (altered after a message in classified was bought to my attention and seeing the replies to it!)
  2. Not so much a question of what "we" want, more a question of truth in the advertising. The Infantry will buy kit that is good for their role, and everyone else is the same, whats good for your particular job, you will know by word of mouth. What we don't need is the " all in one smock that has grenade holders, 3/4 spanner pockets, 1/2" syringe holders and a No2 cooker combined, thats what the civvi will buy, cos he believes the advert. Personally I would like to see some testimonials from people (ideally with E mail addresses) so you can contact them. Anyway for what it's worth my top two are  Snugpak and Bloc "polecat" sunglasses.
    Good luck on your venture
  3. I'll second 'twotones' with snugpak, and add Buffalo.
  4. Whatever kit you do go for it would be great if you could achieve a couple of things for the lads overseas.

    An increasing number of mail order companies will not deliver to Mill Hill sorting office because they use couriers that are cheaper than Royal Mail (or what ever trendy name they are using this week). Who ever you use please ensure they will deliver next day to the Mill Hill sorting office otherwise it takes 10 days or so to get your kit. Secondly make sure that you send goods tax free to BFPO, nothing more frustrating serving overseas entitled to tax exempt under SOFA and a company telling you they cant take the tax off, its just too difficult to claim back later.

    And please don’t rip the lads off for postage and packing, polystyrene chips and a box don’t come out at five quid!

    Good luck ;D
  5. Re:all above - I agree.

    Other goochie kit (maufacturers unknown):

    NI Patrolsack
    Decent boots (each to his own though)
    Webbing sized diesel-fuel cooker (MEC Canada do one, but costs an arm and a leg)
    Thermal base layer (Helly Hansen type)
    Trainers cos some us still do phys.
    Tent/basher pole (no trees in gulf/FI/BATUS)
    Softie bag/jacket

    Best of luck anyway.
  6. a fortune teller service so we can know where we're going next in good time to order the right kit before the rush starts ;D

    seriously though things like maglite, camelbak, arktis and decent boots even if it means establishing links with companies so you can source stuff we would like as opposed to holding obscure items in stock.
  7. best payment option - paypal - insures up to £500 :)
    Get some boots, Lowas ALtbergs etc. and look at kit from other countries, germany canada america etc.
  8. WatchingWater

    WatchingWater Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I really don't like using paypal...and I know a few others who don't too, therefore a choice of payment options as well as delivery options. (Make recorded delivery a must for those of us who like piece of mind on expensive orders)
  9. not saying your wrong just wonderring your reason not to like paypal?
  10. That new bag in MTPish looks handy
    As much as i love my Patrolpack one day it shall become obsolete
  11. WatchingWater

    WatchingWater Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I just find it alot of hassle, and although it's 99.999999 percent safe, I just don't trust them too much. I also wouldn't mind creating an account and having an option to save most of the card details like amazon or play.com so you can log in and order what you want; saves a bit of time.
  12. A watch. One that not only shows the time and date, but the year as well. Digging up a nearly 8 year old kit thread...
  13. I heard they're designing a new system called 'MOLLE' that offers a really versatile way of attaching pouches to an assault vest in all different orders and ways. It'd be cool if you could get that.

    Oh wait, this is 2010 and not 2003 anymore and it's already been invented and loads of people are already selling it. Balls.

    EDIT = PIMH beat me to it.
  14. Recorded delivery isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Once it has been sent there is no way to track the item. Unlike Special Delivery or Royal Mail's new Tracked service where it can be tracked all the way from sending to being signed for.
  15. NI patrolsackis out of date and has been superseded.

    As for decent boots & baselayers, I buy civillian equivelents such as Berghaus explore boots & low Alpine/PeterStorm tops.