What kit do you want?

Simple enough question.

I, along with a few other degenerate entrepreneurs from this site, are looking at setting up an online / mail order company supplying equipment to the great unwashed.

This would be a bunch of ex squaddies supplying a bunch of current squaddies with the gear they either want or need that is not issued by Her Majesties Jokerment.

What we need to know before hand though is quite simple.

What decent gear is out there? Who makes it? Do you think you are being ripped off with what do you pay for it?

The most important thing there is who makes it. We need to know who you lot class as the “top” manufacturers so that we can approach them.

What gear would you like to see that isn't currently easily available (sorry, we can't get our hands on F16's, Gatlings or Starship Trooper personal Nukes, yet ;))

Would you be happy to cough up your credit card details online? Would you be happy to wait up to 10 days for delivery or would you pay extra for next day / 48 hour delivery? Would you be happier to pay by cheque after you had received and inspected the goods (after all, squaddies are a zero risk client, due to the nasty paymaster!)

We know that we already have some steep competition from the likes of Silvermans & the likes, but then again we won’t be wasting our time or money supplying wannabe civvies with SAS wings and 1960’s jump smocks. If we don't look into it, we'll never know if we can do it any better.

Input appreciated, even the p1ss take ones that are bound to come ;D ;D

Oh, and by the way, please do not contact us with offers of selling us issued gear. We aint in the habit of selling equipment that is on issue back to the people it should have been issued to (altered after a message in classified was bought to my attention and seeing the replies to it!)
I think you will be laughing , so long as you undercut that thieving gypsy down at silvermans :mad:That guy has been ripping off blokes for years!!DO IT -YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!!!!!! :D
A good range of boots at affordable prices!
Lowa, Danner etc, not Old DMS (BCH) or German Para!

Wont hurt to stock some US kit ;)

In my own opinion "Arktis" do some good kit 8)

A few airsoft shooters also keep the troops happy ;D
Soft airguns are a big yes

If anyone is in block 36 at Dishforth have a look at the plaster in the block corridors, they were done two weeks after the plaster had dried out, everybody had one, wasn't safe to go out of your room without one. I came home on leave and bought a Walther MPL fully auto monster gun emptied a bag of 100 rounds in three seconds.

Jack the Hat got sick to death of being shot in the shower, I ended up being pinned down by four blokes While Dorothy emptied a magazine in to each arse cheek. Stung like a big bag of stingy things.

Sid Boore (RIP) decided that it was in everbodies interests if we got rid. The camp was litter with 6mm BBs


Nearly every squaddie i know has, or wants the following;
Softie or buffalo jacket
Snugpak sleeping bag
HH Lifa top
Camp Bed and civvie roll-mat
Mag lite/ Tika Lamp
leathermans/Gerber, multi-tool
You also might want to look at affordable GPS.
If you provide for squaddies alone you'll save money buying all that 58 pattern rubbish that litters most surplus stores. Plus you'll have a captive audience of around 150,000......including all the wanabee's from RAF Regt.
Likewise, do it just to put that fcuking thief Silverman out of business.
Good luck fella
Top tip,

If you do sell surplus stock, advertise the sizes in the NATO (sorry they don't exist anymore, make that QM!) format i.e 190/120 for jkts and 80/90/112 for trs etc.
This makes it easier for people to get what they want.

I needed an extra PLCE belt so I bought one from Silvermans. I had to send it back 3 times (with 3 x P+P) because they kept sending me a small belt when I wanted a large. I even sent them instructions on where to find the size label.

I'm sure it was SOP for them to get more money out of me.

    Fine idea ;D

    If you are in the least bit serious then I for one would be more that happy to buy kit on line.  
    less the idea about airsoft i agree with Boomin_Through


Outstanding idea ORG!  Its about time that an ex squaddie started looking after the lads and lasses at the sharp end.  Your first order is for a 1970 Para Smock, size Large or ExtraLarge!  Payment by credit card is ok by me.  Will you ship overseas (Canada) at a reasonable cost, to an old retired flying chappie??

A word of advice......check with the hierarchy if the kit you intend to sell to the guys/gals is acceptable to use in the field.  You know what they're like!!!!!!!
I take the Smock has to be big enough to drape over a zimmer frame ;D


MDN.......Ive got to keep the cold out when I,m up in the old Sopwith Camel dont ya know.  Just wait until you're my age, and if your body is as lean and muscular as mine is.......then you have a major problem!!  Its amazing how the body reacts to good living, it grows and grows and grows.  Moosemeat and beer, what a combination!
I'll never live to be 112, the only other man I know as old as you is OBI WAN Walker and hes about 130

Nothing wrong with Moosemeat and labbats....... quietly jealous, then again Im young and handsome ;D


ORG.........How about giving us an update on your proposed business venture?

MDN.........I still would love to get in touch with OBIWAN.
Do you have any ideas how or where or whatever?
Alas no sorry Kenny try cemetries&crematoriums.com ;D

He is older than jesus.
Ok, update is that I now have quite a good, but not good enough yet, list.

As I said, this won't be an overnight venture because if we try to make it that, it won't work.

I am in the process of contacting a few of the more popular manufacturers and everything is going to be dependant upon their responses.

I am looking at a time scale of about 6 months of gathering info before the "off" so that we know that the venture is sound, the suppliers are serious and, most impotantly, that we have chosen the right gear to sell.

Besides that, I am trying to buy a Blackpool rent boy for MDN at the momement and it's taking all of my spare time to find my Pimp suit from down the back of the sofa ;D

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