What kit Do You Get Issued From The QM For Telic / Herrick

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone supply and up to date deployment list please
  2. It seems to vary depending on who you go with. Recent goody bags have contained super sexy dessie cam gloves, desert cam ops vest, ESS goggles AND glasses, camelbak, windproof smock, brown wicking type T shirts and some lucky individuals got Meindl boots.

    Sorry this isn't the full list but hope it helps.
  3. I went there for the kick off in '03 and all I got was a lousy fcuking medal 3 yrs after full time was officially called.
  4. thats the wonders of just in time logisitics
    all the gucci gear turns up 18moths later :twisted:
  5. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Lucky guy! Mine still hasn't arrived some five years down the line...
  6. Arrive in Kabul, Afghan, Aug 2nd....Sizes in to the QM's. Gucci boots and the like on their way :D ....admittedly we had already deployed to Afghanistan, but at least we were getting it.

    Kit arrives, all fits, looked all ally! Whats the problem you say?.....would of been fine if it wasnt that our tour was finishing 1 week later, Dec 8th!!! :evil:
  7. Try doing a proper length tour then.
  8. Throbber, maybe before jumping to conclusions you need to realise i was deploying to Bosnia Jan 12th. So if you didnt mind, i wanted to go for some leave in between the 2 tours! :evil:
  9. And besides, Troll, i thought this thread was about kit issues, not my tour is longer than yours!!!
  10. Current desert kit issue runs to 2 pages of A4.
    Just about everything you can think of taking is provided (except the IPOD and white flag if you are in the Navy).
    Some of the kit is just for infantry types so logies and the like dont get the full issue but they still get just about everything they are likely to need.

    Only one pair of boots though. Would have preferred two.

    If its a journo asking, there is no story here anymore.
  11. PM me a fax number and ill send you one.