What kit do I hand back?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Ben_Drake, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. Hi, ex infantry 94-2006
    Joined the TA in 2007 and won myself a patella fracture on exercise a few months ago, it is continuing to give me a lot of problems so I applied for discharge and am due to de-kit next week, I am not pursuing a claim or pointing the finger but to be honest I was also sick to death of sitting around week in week out doing f**k all with no direction and only seeing people spark when there was a function on so got out on Herrick a few times to break the cycle!
    The civvy who runs the stores has said that I am to hand back every single item, I am diffy a few bits and pieces like green socks, long johns, trainers ect so he said ill be billed, all the main stuff, wet proofs, bergan, webbing is all clean and serviceable but when I de-kitted as a reg they didn't want every piece back so I'm looking for the chapter and verse on what needs to go back, I might sound cheap but I work part time and am at uni living off the money I saved on tour so I cant really afford to be billed for kit that doesnt need to go back.
    Any input would help.

  2. The storeman is quite correct - you are to hand all of it back; failure to do so may result in a bill being raised against you. Ultimately, it depends upon the collective views of your CQMS, PSAO and OC. If they can justify writing off some socks and Hi-Tech Silver Shadows then you are in the clear, if they can't then I guess that you will have to hand over some cash. BTW, as an OC Sqn I had very little discretion in these matters, but occasionally something could be sorted out for the deserving.
  3. I distinctly remember when I de-kitted in 1992 that PT kit, socks and towels were specifically NOT to be handed back in. Clearly that was another age but I'm surprised that that aspect would have changed.
  4. Thank you, I can now avoid making a tit of myself :)
  5. chapter and verse on this can be found in jsp886, the storeman sounds like a frigging jobsworth, unles the diffy kit is less than a month old things like socks and trainers go in the scrap bin, unles the TA has changed to having a launcdry contract in your specific area, that stuff cant be cleansed iaw H&S so its thrown in a box and backloaded to somewhere that turns it all into rags.

    if you end up getting billed for cloathing (not resi/helmet/messtins etc) provided you have had them for more than 2 years you should be charged scrap value (for clothing thats 25% of normal value) some retards in the clothing store are too lazy to read regs so they either bill you as new or bill you as used items (clothing items less than 18months old but more than 1 month old) you can request issue history sheets for yourself (clothing activity record) and a copy of your 1157 printout.

    if your bill is going to stretch past 50£ i would hope you have kit insurance and claim back the difference.

    in addition if you were on ops, did you report any losses at the first oportunity on return or did you do the useual thing of ignor it all and hope it would show up, if you did the latter its possible you could speak to your oc or tq /qm and perhaps get some leeway.
  6. They don't want everything. Skin to skin stuff? Who wants it? The main shout will be helmet, respirator and bergan. Put all your crap in though as why would you want to keep it. Come to think of it why would you want to keep any as you are out?
  7. Ebay, a cost list for diffy kit and a sleigh of hand is your friend. Firstly find out how much it will be charged to replace. If the army charges you £1 for a pair of socks it will be cheaper than Ebay. After it gets counted anything touching the skin gets thrown anyway or sold via the Defence Disposal Agency as far as I know. Just get any old pair of army socks down the market, find the crapest pair of trainers you can find and coat them in mud. Reckon a civvy is going to know or care what type they are. I know the regs write stuff off after a period of time, I believe it is 6 months. I'd also check your loft again, your issue road slappers will be next to your headover, brown T-Shirts and navy blue shorts that nobody wears past basic.
    Claim battle damage in theatre on the rest. If they're going to bill you for a pair of trainers after 16 years served they're a miserable bunch.

    Plan B. Turn up with an SLR and claim that you never got issued anything other than Puttees, a Punka Wallah a map of His Majesty's Colonies.
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  8. It's all nearly 5 years old, as most do I lost bits and pieces here and there, (bungees, water bottles) and just replaced them via a surplus shop, I still have bags full of desert kit that not requiring a hand back at Chilwell so it's a bit confusing.
  9. I don't, I am referring to diffy kit thats all.
  10. Socks etc. will not be re-issued, but they remain public property and therefore their disposal has to be properly accounted for. Simples. You G1098 has to be to scale or you will get billed, end of. As I said above, for the deserving their may be a way of undertaking some judicious writing off for some 1157 items, as stated by nanotm, but your helmet and respirator must be returned. The TA has, historically, been poor a de-kitting soldiers corerctly and, as a result, some CO's have been wrapped over the knuckles, including a former CO of mine. In the current climate there is little or no willingness to write off kit without a very, very good reason.
  11. personally i would take some of those extra's and come to an accomodation wiht hte twat in the stores, in days gone by a jar of coffee, a bag od sugar and 2 packs of hobnobs would of gotten you a free pass, all next to skin stuff has to be disposed of, its not even counted manay's the time someone has dekited with all of the rag fodder missing, a prinout showing its all been consigned ot the bin produced and a psao signature to confirm it went in the rag bin on site, i guess the problem now is the fact to many people used ot write off perfectly good clothing and ship it out the back door to the local surplus store run by their mucker.

    some units are still under scruitiny over being caught not following procedure, there ways and means for an educated person to get round bills. but like i said the first option of the p1954 being raised and your insurance covering the bill is always the one that requires least effort.
  12. I have a pair of daps you can have, issued in 94 and they ******* still reek, but to be fair if all your missing is a few pissy bits you aren't going to be spanked for more than £20.00.
  13. Sell that to Airsoft Walts after writing "Dinger G Sqn SAS" on the labels with a big black marker pen. That should cover your losses and pay for a few beers.
  14. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    When I de-kitted in 2000 they took the shiny chunky stuff and laughed at the other 60%, to the point of dragging a bloke in from the back of the store to admire some of the items, many still unworn since the mid 70s.
  15. I have just de-kitted and 90% of it goes for rags. All the storeman was concerned about was my respirator, helmet, body armour and bergan/webbing. I was instructed to throw all my NBC stuff (less respirator) into the skip outside!

    Mind you, it was an eye-opener when I realised how much crap I had been issued with over the past 20-odd years - 4 x MFO boxes of the stuff :)