What kit are you liking right now

What new bit of kit are you liking right now, my Mrs bought me a dpm ubacs and its been the dogs during the summer as we always train in body drama, also i have molle belt kit that i think rocks.


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A really rather fine little Gerber multitool in a gold paint wth HESCO Bastion printed on the side. A cool 'must have' right now, and a proper collectable in many years to come.

i have a itouch to and i got one of theses covers
We've Got Technology Covered // OtterBox.com
in case i spill sticky liquid on it
I went for APPLE IPOD TOUCH 2G 3G WHITE WALLET LEATHER CASE COVER on eBay (end time 29-Oct-10 09:26:06 BST) but unfortunately it does not allow for 'sticky liquid' use. (Mine's an iPhone though).

The iPhone is a better buy, does everything the iTouch can do except with 3G internet as well. Vehicle moves - however - buy yourself a 13A inverter because it does munch the batteries when 3G'ing YouTube / YouPorn.

I have a £1 sticky screen cover for 'that'.


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I'm also rather liking very much my new Stainthorpe Custom Tactical knife too. Guy Stainthorpe is a man who appreciates what a knife is for, and makes them to suit the task rather well. If you've got the sponds, his knives are worth a punt.

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