what kinda stuff to send to a para in afghanistan?

first post here so not sure if im in the right place.

hello, ive got a mate in the paras whos just gone out to afghan and ive told him ill send some dvds and stuff out to him. my question is do they allow copied (i.e. pirated) dvds to be sent out there? i was gonna send him a few films and being as he does mma some UFC and training dvds as well. also anything else anyone can think that would be handy out there that htye might not be able to put their hands on. thanks.
A hat - it gets hot out there.

Trust me, he'll thank you for it.
dont they give them hats? what type?

lol paras dont get up to that sort of thing do they ;)

books with pictures
books is one thing he said not to send. im gonna send some though A, to piss him off and B, his mates can have a read if they want.

macrami advanced kit
whats that please?
..macrami, it's from a cookery book. To a tin of tomatoes (chopped) add some mustard, grated cheese and some pre-cooked macrami. Pop in the oven for 30 minutes on a medium heat and, voyla, macrami cheese. It will make a nice change from ration packs during the 6 month tour.

Crochet potatoes and broderie-anglais wellington also make a nice change.
crayons, ,,,,,,,,,,
Good idea, could use them to notch up all the kills....
blue on blue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was more thinking they could do a nice pattern on the range card
I call 'wah'

Monkey_Magic again?
Janet and John books (though these may be a bit advanced for him)
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