what kind of people are in the british army?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by arronmike, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. ive been contemplating what it would be like to be in the british army alot lately,and watching videos on youtube about it,but from what i can gather it just seems to be full of "lad" types,nothing against them or anything its just that i feel i wouldnt fit in very well,seeing as i grew up pretty spoilt with no discipline,the reason i want to join is that i think it would be very good for me to learn discipline as i feel that without it i wont do so well in life,im 20 years old and am very unfit/skinny/weak but i plan on joining a gym soon to get fit enough,will i meet shy/quiet people like me if i was to join? or what?
  2. Of course you will, the Army is full of shy retring types. Take 3 Para for instance, did you know the have the Army's biggest stamp collecting and flower arranging clubs?
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  3. Don't put yourself down so much. Thousands of weak, wheezy blokes have illusions of joining the army, especially after gorging on youtube firefights and First Blood films. You'll find them in the TA.
  4. You won't meet many serving on here ;)
  5. sarcasm? or not? well?
  6. Very well, thanks. And what do you reckon?
  7. Honestly I think if you join after a while you will be the opposite of shy and make good mates as long as when in training and when you eventually join your unit you try interacting and being part of the team. Afterall it's all about the guys beside you
  8. Are you a Girl?
  9. Don't be daft, they don't let girls in the Army.
  10. You as you are now, well that's the old you, once in you will become an over confident brash loud mouth sex machine with cash and a BMW.

    Did you not see that in the advert?

    The Army is very good at taking promising individuals with no life skills/personality and turning them into very good all rounded specialists.

    Leap of faith for some :)
  11. Dunno why, but that just reminded me of being in Amsterdam about ish years ago and a whole load of doris's came out of a bar dressed in overalls. I asked the (GIRL) I was with if she knew what it was all about. She said they're diesel dykes, so dressed to stop men fancying them.

    Failed at that then I said... I'm just the curious type.

    She was non too plussed... still scored though.
  12. Not sure if Jarrod's up for a spot of grooming, but if you happen to be up in his patch he might have some stories for you of how shy, asthmatic, retiring types get on in the service. :?
  13. Called Frank?

    Windsurfing walt he was.
  14. well right now, one guys been taken to the med centre for drinking too much (this was at 5 pm!), one lads found someones turd outside his door and someones just watched a fountain of piss stream through his window... those kind of people are in the british army (and i wouldn't have it any other way!) haha
  15. Just get on with it, I was the introverted type, look at me now all converted. And I'm not even in yet! Get in and see the secret for yourself or always be the pussy who always wanted but never had the guts to go for it. Pussy.
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