Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Luke-675, Oct 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I join the army in january at afc harrogate. I am training for the grenadier guards.

    However I have a passion for motorbikes and just wondered if there are any opportunities in the army to go with this.
  2. Sack the Guards for a start.

    Join the Royal Signals and then try for the White Helments Motercycle display team. The RA also have a sort of moterbike club that is similar, but not as good. The Flying Gunners.

    Failing that there are plenty of opurtunities for Moto cross and enduro in the Army. If your ain´t on tour. There is even a moped club.

    Also, the RMP have bikes and like to ride them about.
  3. You should get in touch with Col (Retd) Bob Birrell, who runs the British Army Motorsports Assoc (or similar). He coordinates all of the formal motor sports for the Army including motorcycle enduro, trials etc. I have his details knocking about somewhere. PM me. Failing that, I bet if you googled his name or BAMA, you'd find something.
  4. BAMA might still work, but it is now apparent tri-service purple. And called something else.... escapes me at the moment.
  5. Why sack the guards??

    I did consider the signals and joining the white helmets but I didn't see the point joining the RS when I wanted infantry.
  6. It would be great if the White Helmets went tri-service too, then they'd be the Purple Helmets!
  7. The RLC have got a motorcycle display team of sorts aswell

    Here they come, lock up your daughters, its the fat fingered "dykes on bikes"


  8. My Red. Are you insinuating the Royal Scots are not Infantry? :) or confusing the abbreviations for the Royal Scots and the Royal SIGNALS.
  9. My mate ride's with a motorbike disply team called thepurple helmets totally shite they are!
  10. Ballsing up abbreviations lol.

    Course the royal scots are infantry.
  11. your a bit pedantic, anyway aren't they the Royal Scots Borders now?

    What kind of motorcycling are you keen on? I had an R6 while i was serving and it wasnt hard to organise a ride out as quite a lot of lads had bikes. Was handy being based around the Catterick area aswell as there are some cracking roads round there. Squires at sherburn is only a short ride down the A1 and devils bridge is across the 66.

    Was handy for getting home quickly aswell, if your not an orphan that is. Beat the traffic jams, piece of pyss. Most barracks have a shed where you can park bikes up aswell which is helpfull.

    Last Regiment is was at had a good Enduro team if thats more what your into.

    Dont sack joining whichever Regiment you have your heart set on just because some other capbadge has a display team. Every Regiment i was at had a group of petrol heads who liked some form of biking and im pretty sure the Gren Gaurds wont be any different.
  12. I like sports bikes. At the moment I only have a 125 but I have riden 600's on tracks (Donnington park and cadwell) but I'll be doing my test soon and will hopefully be getting a gsxr if i can afford the insurance. I want to get into track racing.

    Eventually I would like to do the isle of man tt if I could get a team together cos I have watched it every year of my life.