What kind of gunny thing are these???

CutLunchCommando said:
DummyRound said:
Plasma Phase Rifle with 40 megawatt range.
Mega? 'Kin 'Ell!

Somewhere in the bowels of the database is a thread where this was discussed and someone did the maths. It turns out that the "40 watt range" (The actual dialog I believe) was more correct than 40 kilowatts which I had assumed theyd meant but Arnie had mangled.

Take a look at the coil on the top of that monster and tell me its 40 watt. Come on man, be serious for once!
look at the unit patch sown on the shoulder.
isnt that a biohazard symbol?

they some kind of ey-tie NBC wracs?
This is one of the new vacuum weapons, a militarized version of the Oreck portable cannister machine developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The unit patch is that of the "Hell's Cleaning Ladies" battalion.
At first - looking at the biohazard flashes - I thought it might just be a mock up of some Italian "future soldier" project, but they do really seem to be to be some sort of line thrower - there is a karabiner connector on the runner on top.

Possibly used by signals units to throw lines over obstacles?
devexwarrior said:
First Bn Sewing Machine Corps, Bobbin Replen Det.
:D - Legend

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