What kind of gun is this?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Devil_Dog, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if somebody else has already asked this. This weapon was apparently found in Iraq.


    The accompaning article is unconvincing (it is after all Foxnews). So what is it?

    The pistol grip looks dubious to me-- a little too wooden) and the scope seems rather out of place in such a weapon and more suited for a rifle or carbine. And the size of the thing (3 feet) is a little too small for a conventional RPG.

    On closer observation, the scope seems to be mounted on the left side at right angles to the pistol grip.

    Is somebody getting a laugh at other peoples expense?

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  2. Someone tell action man, he's missing his gat.
  3. I guess we have found a WMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I remember a 1970s advert(Maybe a joke?) about a 'sonic blast' gun, The one on the image looks the ringer of it.
  4. my Dad once showed me a picture of him at 7 with a similar gat. It was called a 'Joe 90' Master cannon or something suitably 1970s vintage, this is not a real weapon, my Dads fired sponge balls or something!

    ...or rather a Jonny 7. And it would of been a 1960s vintage. Oh, the joys of midweek drinking...
  5. Could be a bomb disguised as a gun?, The trigger sets it off?

    If it is a real weapon, It looks a beast.
  6. It's the Nintendo Super scope...
  7. Are you suggesting that the powers that be are using film and TV props to help justify Operation Persian Freedom?
  8. You read my mind, old sock. The Fox article struggles (unsuccessfully) to link the weapon- if it is a weapon- to Iran.

  9. Looks like some sort of recoilless rifle type thing, rather than a RPG.

    Probably just be a prototype mock-up for something never built.
  10. At risk of looking foolish, here goes:

    It is quite clearly homemade. You can see the welding below sight as well as the wooden / plastic look about the whole thing. The sight is a russian sniper scope, probably left over from previous Russian incursions.

    Going on the average size of a man's fist and working out the size of the grip, the length of the weapon rocks up at just over 1m.

    The size of round is approximately 77-80mm in diameter. A quick search of ebay shows that the MiG23 used to fire 80mm rockets although I'd suggest they are too big for this weapon. They are many other russian 80mm rockets, however.

    This weapon probably isn't very accurate but if it fires the ordnance then when needs must......
  11. And it went for $235!!
  12. Did the person who made that thing say "heres one I made earlier" , "just cover it in sticky back plastic" and "I am using double sided sticky tape for speed"!
  13. Learn to love it Gents,
    that's the replacement for the SA80. A bullsh0t and indocrination team is forming up in some hotel now. Ready to spread the love for this gat.
  14. I had one of those Accidental wish I had kept and sold it today it would have paid for my holidays.

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