What keeps you in the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hellzapoppin, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. Hello.

    Was thinking about what keeps me in the TA and realised that it is the other subaltern in my Squadron: without her, it would be the PSAO (152), OC (50) and me (29) in the Officers' Mess.

    If she goes, what should I do next? Become a JP? Any other ideas?

  2. Firstly, that is an absolutely disgusting avatar. It makes me want to vom.

    Secondly, is your motivation for serving in the TA really what happens in the officers' mess? Do the conversations that bounce about at the dinner table really define your career? I have yet to experience an officers' mess dinner but I'm certain that it will not be my reason for staying in the TA, although the food does smell good! Get out on exercise and have some fun.

    [edited for sausage finger typing]
  3. What the fuck is it?
  4. It's a fat guy with his eyes quite literally out on stalks. I like your side-stepping of the bad language control protocol by the way. I couln't understand how you'd done it until I quoted your post. Genius.
  5. The great food and beautiful women.
  6. Total Recall.
  7. Ah right, I see now. Is that the Arnie film with the bird with 3 tits?
  8. So this bird keeps you in the TA? Have you told her how you feel? :D Let me guess, you're "plutonic friends" because she won't let you **** her? :wink:
  9. Sorry, I'm not paying too much attention. Are we saying there's a fat bird in the TA with three tits who will 'encourage' people to stay in?

    I'll just read the posts again...
  10. Good question I often ask myself that!!! :D
  11. I'm off the understanding that there's at least one in every unit.
  12. Unfortunately that's the PSAO's man boobs confusing the issue again.
  13. send her to our unit lol.

    Mates are why i stay in. Ya make better friends with ya unit collegues than most people ya grow up wit

  14. Fcuking lol
  15. No idea any more, possibly the fact that I would be lost without it.... for about 10 mins and then find my way to the pub!

    I dont enjoy it anymore, too much bolarks and bullshisher, and fekkin no0bs posted to us saying 'So what if you have to do every weekend this month? So do I!'

    'But Sir, you get day's off in the week, I know, I have tried to contact you! We however have to keep a real job going and keep the long haired Ayatola happy!'