What justice? Thug who kicked terminally-ill grandfather in the head.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chucklingchimp, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. Ken Oliver was in intensive care for a week after the attack on his doorstep.
    A drunken thug who attacked a terminally-ill grandfather and kicked his head 'like a football' has walked free from court.

    Reece Kent, 19, repeatedly punched Ken Oliver in the head before kicking him on the floor after he mistakenly knocked on the 62-year-old's door at 3.30am.
    Cancer sufferer Mr Oliver - who has been given just three months to live - was left in a pool of blood on his doorstep with horrific injuries.

    He spent a week in intensive care following the assault, with bleeding on his brain.

    Reece admitted carrying out the unprovoked attack - which was filmed on a mobile phone by his friends.
  2. Surely this is pre meditated??? He knocked on a door to do someone in, and had his mates waiting to film it???
  3. Got a link?
  4. So the cnut Admitted the offence and was Filmed doing it and just walked out of court?!?!?!? I'm rather confused.
  5. Best news I heard all day, that cheered me up. 25 year old thug knifed to death for urinating in a mans letter box. Its a shame the bloke got jailed, probably had enough of the chav scum ruining Britain.
  6. Yup it was a result.

    When you compare what the chavvy scum got away with reference my link above and what the guy got for ``defending his castle`` (letter box pissing incident) it clearly shows the justice system is truely fukced up.What is more worrying is the judges responsible for passing sentence,they seemed more removed than ever from todays society.

    We need a good sort out of the judges get rid of all the wasters not prepared to sentence appropriately.
  7. To the film??

  8. You, are a very naughty boy.
  9. Problem is, Labour spent 13 years packing the benches and the criminal justice system with the "right kind of people". This included DPPs that didn't have a law degree and who had a background in the Socialist Workers Party.

    You can't just sack judges. It takes an act of Parliament to get rid of them unless they're corrupt.

    Hopefully, in this case, an appeal on the grounds of undue leniency will be forthcoming.