WHat Jobs do you have to do in the army to become in the Special forces?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jay13villa, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. Just a question. Obviously Infantry is the main way to access the SAS but is there any other jobs in the army i.e. Combat Med and etc which would give you the opportunity to go for the SAS?
  2. Yes, all of them.
  3. Stand by, stand by!
  4. So any jobs in the army? Even Combat Med?
  5. Perhaps you don't understand what all means.
  6. Brush the square 3 times a week, then march up and down it shouting I am prick.
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  7. Just making sure pal
  8. Special Forces recruit mainly from the RLC these days. I suggest you look at any roles that would involved blanket stacking as this is the only way you can hope to gain the leg and back strength required for bergen work and tough route marches.

    Don't listen to all that shit about the infantry. It's all bollocks.
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    Wah shield on!
  10. spike7451

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    Or the RAF Regiment....
  11. Cheers, I haven't officially started the army yet. I start on the 14th Jan so not planning to far ahead as need to pass my training. I am going in as a combat med but want to try out for SAS maybe if I get the chance. Thats why I am asking if I'd get the opportunity. Cheers though.
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    Locked. Congrats to those that earned 1 day bans.
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